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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lost my Virgin Post.

Maybe certain thing were not meant to be. After spending 1/2 an hour on my virgin blog posting yesterday, I realise an hour ago, that it simply wouldn't display itself. After tampering with the various settings of my blog for 10 minutes. I woke up to the cruel realisation that it was lost. The easiest way out, other than emailing and complaining to the "Blogging" Co. about their site instability and blaming any potential hackers, was to start afresh.

Here I am, once again, in my present glory, presenting to you... the Triple Period.

Why TriplePeriod?!? It sounds like every woman's nightmare come true. One Period is a nuisance, Double is unheard of and Triple? Now, what kinda sick Bastard can think of such a nick. Don't think so far, lemme explain.

Initially, the title of the blog was "Where Its All About Me?" and my blog-name is my real name. Self -explainatory, its a temple of self-worshipping. In the midst of my Blog reconstruction, I realise that I needed something more unique so as to stand a whinny chance of plying eyes, spectacles and contact lens off established blogger sites... such as Xiaxue, Mr Miyaki and Mr Brown. Well, obviously not doing Your Highness a favour by placing their links here but I believe in fore p... i'm sorry... fair play.

Back to where we were, I needed something more inspiration. And I was changing the title to "Chronicles Of *Ex-blog name*"... when it still looked pretty plain. I do not even think that the title "Chronicles of Riddicks" would tempt anyone to bother shifting their mouse cursor, let alone "Chronicles of *Ex-blog name*". I decided to apply some of my marketing and psychology modules into effect, and came up with "Chronicles Of...". Initial viewers would notice and ask themselves,"Chronicles Of... of who?!". Now, their attention would be arrested. For in the glory of my skillful mind manipulations, I have stimulated them to acquire a doubt.

And a doubt is a very powerful tool, for a Doubt, sets a person's mind beyond its comfort zone. We like to know where we are at, and the fact that we do not know something, puts us into discomfort. Your eyes feedback to your bRainnnn on what they had recced, and your BrAinnnn start to feel buay song. Its like an itch where you HAVE to scratch. In this case, a link which you HAVE to click. Probably the very reason why you are reading this in the first place. Now, I can carry on and on, and continue beating my chest on how I had "manipulate" your BrAinnnn... which probably would give me a bit more of pleasure but might risk irking you and thus preventing your beloved glare from ever setting sight on this page ever again. Now, that wouldn't be on the agenda.

So I had my invitational card ready and is going to get dressed to meet you. Next question, is... whato wear? While searching of my unique cyber-identity, I realise that the answer is in front of me... "Chronicles Of ... ". So simple, SSssoooo creative. "Chronicles Of Dot Dot Dot". Well, if you share similar taste, "Dot Dot Dot" wouldn't go down too well. But hey, doesn't sound too bad, huh? The birth of TriplePeriod thus began.

Yours truly ...


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