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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Flirt-cheat on Bf? Innocent until proven guilty.

What was supposed to be a quiet night of Musculine-bonding drinking session started out fine at a bar in Boat Quay. After deciding to impose a cap on my hedonistic activities due to an unhealthy financial balance sheet, things were looking well. Arrived at venue via MRT, had a bottle of Chivas Regal with unlimited mixers(My men's effort with the bar hostresses have paid off nicely) and the night seem to be heading for a nice head,taxi ride home and my budget firmly in check.
Everything seemed like a comfortably planned Friday chill session until Al announced,"A lady friend of mine is joining us. She wants to check out this place.". Twenty minutes later, she was at the table with us and an hour half later, she asked,"So we are going to be checking out Liquid Room eh? I have friends there and we have got a table already."

"Let's go...keep the bottle."

Arrested by the sofa of Liquid Rm, we were seatted in a straight line, much like audience for a private play in front. And what a play it was. We witnessed her flirted with her predominantly male friends, all pretty well-built and boyish-looking. The flirting was typical except for their well choreographed moves of embraces and lengthy hand-holds which wouldn't break irregardless of whatever poses and positions they were in. It was made more subtle as not more than one guy flirted with her at any one time.

Not conservative by Singapore's standards, it would not be even worth blogging, except that it dawn on us that her current boyfriend is Al's friend... Needless to say, that bf is nowhere around tonight. Girls out to have fun would do their conscious well if they were single and available. They would do their conscious some justice if they were not single but took secure precautions from letting their bf find out. To do so openly in front of her bf's friend... WHat is she thinking?!

It wasn't on my way home when I could think of the ONLY possible reason for her acquitance of all possible charges... Her guy-friends are Gays???


At 1:57 PM, Blogger urbanmalebitch said...

Your men's effort eh? I think it's Mr. Million Theory man and Mr. Gym man's effort...I just sat in a corner to watch the show...


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