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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Counter..

Yay! Got a new counter from Now i'll be able to see how many dudes check out my postings. Was quite adament about putting something like that up. I mean, what if my counter doesn't tick, would it mean that my posting sucks? Or if my counter keeps on ticking, would i be comfortable with that kind of traffic viewing my "oh-so-private" thoughts?
Wonder if theres any way for me to view my traffic and not make it visible on my site. I'll work on it.
While I'm at it, also added a Daily Cartoon link at the bottom right. Figured out that if no one is going to click on it, I could use the link myself.
Oh, they even have a Guest Map! This amazing Guestmap service allows visitors to pin-point their location on the map. Interesting... something to keep myself occupied before the CNY Reunion Dinner...


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