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Monday, February 21, 2005

Survivor Series, Vancouver. Part 2

I followed Maria to the cliff and near to where she was residing at, Green College. Green College, is not a school, but a hostel within the campus. She proposed that we go to her hostel to seek advice from some of the more senior people. After hearing my case, this guy suggested that I walk 10 km down a winding road, behind the campus, by the sea, to a backpacker lodge. I wasn't too keen on that when I thought about the luggage I had to bring along.
By this time, I thought I had exhausted my own resources and pick out the card which my fellow Singaporean gave me at the airport. I tried to call him and it appeared that the number on the card, was no longer in service. What the fark was he thinking when he gave me the card?
At that point in time, God must have noticed my lack of options for while I was still in the phone booth, I heard a voice from behind, speaking in Singapore accent. I was thrilled, I came out and approached this guy who turned out to be an Indonesian Chinese named Sandi, and he actually resided in Singapore for quite some time before going to Vancouver for his PhD.
That was the turning point. Coincidentally, he was about to host a dinner for some friends, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers, and he thought that we might be able to think of something out during dinner. I embraced that offer.
At the dinner, I would meet another lady, whom I will be forever grateful to, Rose. I also got to know Kit, another great lady. Anyway, aside from my amazement at Sandi's culinary skill which had inspired me to pick up some cooking skills, he had offered to put me up at his place for Sunday night. Knowing the situation I was in, they offered to keep me occupied for the weekend and the next morning.
After my housing was settled for the weekend, I retreat to Place Varnier. I was entering my room when I saw a Chinese walk out. On eye contact, we recognised each other. It was the Singaporean guy at the airport. We spoke for a while and he said that he was on his way to meet up another group of exchange student from NUS and asked me along. After what had seemed like the longest day of my life, I was glad that it was going to end on this note. I met up with them and I remember one of them speaking out on hearing my problem,"If on Monday, they are unable to settle the accomodation for you, you can come to me. I will try to help you. Afterall, its only a week before you get to move into your permanent accomodation." I was touched. The camaderie! Singaporeans!
The next day, Kit picked me up at my place and brought me to a German church.
God works in mysterious ways and I couldn't help wondering if it was all pre-arranged. I couldn't remember what happened for the rest of Sunday.


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