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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love Is A Fairy Tale, 1993

Last night, I was about to retire into bed when my SCV remote performed an auto-pilot and brought me to Channel U. In the TV screen, i saw an extremely youthful Aaron Kwok followed by my long-forgotten dream lover, Rosamund Kwan, and I recalled that this is one movie that I wanted to catch during my adolescent days but didn't. The title is "Xia Ri Qing Wei Liao"(Love Is A Fairy Tale,1993).
Anyway, I found my eyes glued to the set. I couldn't turn my eyes away. They kept wanting more sights of the youthful Aaron Kwok and more importantly, my diva Rosamund Kwan. Right from the start, I wasn't expecting much plot from it being a Hong Kong teen idol production, I was right.
The story line is about this school boy(who else?) getting a part-time job at a yacht club and in the process, gets to meet his dream-gal cum hot model. Events set in and they became lovers. The setting was the ultimate school boy's fantasy, one which I obviously did not get to experience when I was a kiddo. However, if you know of anyone who had done it, let me know. I wouldn't mind hearing about it, especially if the female lead looks exactly like Rosamund Kwan.
The last scene did not quite pin-point as to whether they would be together, although it did show Aaron Kwok cycling away from the yacht club and Rosamund Kwan soon turned up behind him in a red Lamborghini.
Overall, a very nice and simple fantasy film. If only life could be similar. Nice and simple.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger fish out of water said...

Oh I remember this movie. And I loved it, for the beautiful scenes, not exactly a fan either.
I'm a sucker for the sea. still am.


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