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Friday, February 18, 2005

Update on LASIK, Chilli Padi Vodka and My Buddy

Yesterday, I accompany Mei to JB for LASIK treatment. Interviewed her on the aftermath and she claimed that it wasn't pretty. Tears were flowing non-stop, which is supposed to be pretty normal side-effect and should ceased by today. She claimed that the procedure wasn't entirely painless as claimed. There were definitely some pain during the procedure. Hearing about it, sends a chill down my sphine as I remember that I am suppose to go for the same thing in a months time. God bless me.
Went home, checked the results slip for the Ang Bao Toto. KNN. Within my $20 budget worth of slips, I had numerous 3-number hits. No enough. Which is the main reason why I'm blogging right now. Had I gotten 3 more from the 3-number hits, I would be blogging in the evening, after I have collected my dough at the Singaporepools head office...

Sorry, too much of day-dreaming.Where was i? Oh, anyway, after dinner, I headed out again for one of my friends bachelor party, more of an excuse to drink as he would be getting hitched in 10 days time. After some distractions in the form of Lion Dance, we end up at Ice Cold Beer pub.

Interesting sidenote: Before we left our meet-up venue, Boat Quay, due to the noisy Lion Dance, I saw a Lion preparing to pounce on more than a dozen 330ml bottles of red-coloured syrup. The tradition is for the Lions to pounce onto Mandrain Orange, peel them and re-arrange them before uncovering, and perhaps eat a few piece in the meantime. I started giggling as I picture the Lion dancers trying to force those bottles of syrup down their throat. Times have changed, even Lion dancers have to go through the same shit.

While at Ice Cold Beer, I decided to get the husband-to-be a shot of the renowned Chilli Padi Vodka Shot at Pub No.5(2 doors away). My greatest mistake was to take a shot along with him. Went to the bar counter, asked for 2 shots of the "Chilli Padi shot", which drew an immediate response from a couple beside me. They look at each other in disbelief then turned to me and re-confirmed,"Are you going for the Chilli Padi Vodka shot?". I nod. She said,"We can't wait to see you try. Good luck with it." I pretty much knew what I was in for but her words made me realise that I had underestimated the intensity of the event. Things did not get better as I notice 2 huge jugs on chilli "fermenting" in what I can presume as Vodka. That is the set-up from where my killer would come. The lady who spoke to us also did the liberty of ordering 2 glasses of ice water, citing ,"You will need it." Nice lady.

The verdict: Most vile concoction I have ever tasted and it burns, on your lips and in your stomach. The after-taste was... slightly bitter but bland for the most part. It made me sick. For those of who harbour intentions of trying it. Having some deep fried chicken wings would cure the pain. There is a scientifc explaination, the substance from chilli which will cause your tongue to burn is insoluble in water but soluble in oil. Hence, drinking tons of water after a spicy meal, in reality, doesn't do more help as compared to downing a shot of oil.

After a pretty uneventful night, I head for base only to find another shock awaits me. My ol' trusty Toshiba laptop wasn't in good shape. All of a sudden, I could not restart it. Worst part was that he would display the bright, red Toshiba logo upon power up and halt. On other times, the LCD screen shows a blank upon power up. I wasn't that freaked out but sad. Sad because I kinda knew this was fore-coming. Sad not so much about the data that I had on him, but for the laptop.
Years ago, I was having some red wine while watching some movies when I spilled the wine over the laptop. Needless to say, it wouldn't start at all after that. Brought it to the Toshiba repair centre, only to receive it a week later. Upon receival of the laptop, I was told by my laptop surgeon,"We tried our best." *shaking of head from left to right* I took a look at my laptop and beyond my expectations, he could actually start-up. This was already a miracle, never mind that the keyboards wouldn't register a key, that my buddy recovered from a hang-over and could actually load Win-doze. I questioned the laptop surgeon about his negativity and he defended that its temporary, the keyboard was screwed and red wine was all within the motherboard. To change the motherboard would be not cost-worthy, might as well get a new laptop. I told him to go fug spider. Of course not, I would never do that to a person who could possibly be my buddy's last resort. In my euphoria state, I asked him to change the keyboard as it seems to me that its only the keyboard thats not working. After which he would warn me that the new keyboard will be charged(fine with me) and that this laptop wouldn't last more than 6 months later.
Well, 4 years later, I am blogging on the same laptop. Regardless of what people say, about my laptop getting obsolete and slow, I would defend ,"He can drink red wine, can yours?", which works to even greater effect if the person himself doesn't drink at all.
Last night, I tried to get him started up but to no avail. This morning, I tried again, and it seems like my buddy has recovered without me doing much. Never a day has passed without me looking at him. Its been with me around the world and has served me well on all occassions. And I will swear by him til his last day.
I may consider getting an iMac Powerbook as his companion or successor, but I'm not sure if they can take the Red Wine as well as my buddy here does.

*CHEERS, Bottoms Up*


At 2:04 PM, Blogger urbanmalebitch said...

Heh...must try the vodka chilli padi.

I swear by Toshiba too...has lasted me round the world, taken numerous knocks...and 6 years later, it is still working fine. For durability, only two brands that I will buy: Toshiba and IBM.


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