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Monday, February 21, 2005

Survivor Series, Vancouver. Part 3

Come Monday, I tried my luck at the department for lodging of foreign students and they were unable to help me. Accomodation was fully booked or so they claimed, for after I had moved into Thunderbird, my house mate told me that my room had been vacant for MONTHS and that they could definitely housed me during my tough times. I seemed that they just did not go all out to try to help.
Anyway, fine. I had insurance from my trusty fellow Singaporeans. After my failed request at the lodging department, I met up with the other Singaporeans and told them that the authorities were unable to help me and I brought up if one of them could just like me bunk in for a week. We were in a group and I'm sure all of them heard my appeal for they reacted. They reacted by keeping silent. It did not take 5 seconds for me to realise that they did not mean what they had said. From then on, I took off, never to turn back. It was bitter but now, thinking back, I feel sad. So much for being fellow Singaporeans. I should have known better after being a Singaporean myself for over 20 years.
In the end, its was a Phillipino who gave me the first advice, Sandi who is an indonesian who put me up, Rose worked in Singapore but she was also an Indonesian and Kit is a Hong Konger. None of them are Singaporeans and yet, they gave me help at a time when I was most in need.
That Monday night, I stayed at Sandi's place. Over the next two days, Rose put me up before we manage to find this fine backpacker place right at the edge of Downtown. I paid around 30 Sing dollars for a single room per night. Way within my budget and comfort. Over the next few remaining days, I would prowl Downtown full time and know the streets better than one of my friends who lived there for 3 years. Heh, sorry Jeff.
Now that I think back, it was really amazing how everything piece together nicely. From my landing, meeting that Singapore guy, Maria, Sandi, Rose, Kit. Just imagined if I had missed out on meeting any one of them. How different things might have been.


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