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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Current Affairs...

It seems like the headlines have been talking about this young doctor who was caught in possession of some party drugs and a gay none the less. Nothing too bizaare a case except he happens to be a doctor. I understand that Professional Boards have strict standards on "character". Medical practitioner is a very respectable profession and being caught in possession of party drugs(Ice), is a definitely K.O for his career. Takes no experienced Board member to pass that verdict. But the fact that he's gay? What has it got to do with his profession? I sense the derogation as I zipped through the lines containing the words "threesome" and "gay" and there were many.

Given Singapore's firm stand against drugs, the severity of this misdeed is understandable. What I felt uncomfortable was seeing his face plastered all over the papers. Those were pretty big and clear pictures mind you, more lucid than any Tammy has ever taken. Given what he has to go through next, I think he has enough dues to pay off but those published pics are going to be the finishing touch that goes beyond the death of his medical profession.

What can we say? The press enjoys spreading it and so does the public slurps on it.

And all the talks about lift upgrading and political party supporters. Isn't it about high time that the leading party wakes up to the idea that political threats like this, is not the way to go for a generation that is better educated? The rising Gen is more egoistic and rebellious. And frankly speaking, from what I had gathered on the ground, I would estimate that 7 of 10 of my peers would vote not for the opposition, but against the leading party. They are simply losing supporters, not a case of the opposition winning them.

I'm not that old, we're not that old. We have lots of time to watch the show. Plus, we already know that its playing.


At 1:34 AM, Blogger Alphabet Moppet said...

People commit follies for reasons and i just don't think its very ethical to lure people into traps. It can also be argued if they didn't set traps, he probably would not have gone his way out to get the drugs and commit a crime that he has to pay a penalty for a lifetime. Singapore is pretty unforgiving this way.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Yes darling, that is one point which I forgot to bring up. It doesn't seem much of a justice if the authority is the one dangling the bait. Betcha if he was in America, he will be sueing the authority for compensations to his ruined career, lost of potential income, bla, bla,bla, as well. It would be quite a suit.


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