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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Walk Alone...

Boxing Joe should be talking about this.

Just came back from watching a game of FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Westham.

Exciting game, although I only started from the 75th minute. Anyone noticed that Liverpool's 3rd goal(equaliser) by Steven Gerald is uncannily similar to the one he scored against Olympiako in the last Champions League.

Yes, the goal that made me cried like a baby. Only this time, I was jumping on the bar top of Ice Cold Beer. A replay of the game showed that Gerald also scored an earlier goal in similar style before that. All are back passes(irrespectively of which side's player) from which Stevie would appear(from outside of the TV screen) and connect it with a POWER DRIVER, straight to the corner of heaven!

*ORGASM* *HIGH* *EUPHORIC* *I can sense the lady on my left, wetting her panties*

Stevie is my epitome of "Volley King From > 25 yards".

Stevie is my idol and I can see why Liverpool loves him. Gerald IS Liverpool.

And no, I'm still not a Liverpool fan. I walk alone.

Quotes of the night.

"West Ham *Clap Clap*... SheringHam *Clap Clap*... West Ham *Clap Clap*... SheringHam*Clap Clap*..."

"Liverpool is F***-up, can only win Cups from penalties and cramps!"

"Cisse's favourite move is to feed the ball towards the corner flag, with or without support on the wing."


At 8:29 PM, Blogger FF said...

Hahaha! I knew you'd cry lor.


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