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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A trip on the beach...

Last Saturday, I picked Angel up and we did not know where else to venture to. Thus, we made our way to the new Cafe Del Mar, Sentosa. Even the occasional light showers were merely threats to what would be a great evening, breezy and all.

So there we were. Parked by the Beach Station and wola! There was a cute shuttle bus ferrying cool people to Cafe Del Mar(CDM). CDM was really nice, open with lotsa space though it felt a tad barren probably because Saturday just aien't a clubbin' night.

From the indoor section, we ventured to the outdoor where there were beach chairs and beds all over, though none unoccupied. In our orientation round the Beach de la cafe, a familiar voice called my name. I turned around to see a friend, fellow blogger to be exact. Much as I was happy to see my friend, a fear within me stirred. It did not take long for my worst to be realised.

I introduced both parties.

My friend, in her opening line,"Hi, Angel...... do you blog?"

At that moment, time stood still. There were a lot of energetic caucasian males frolicking around that corner and I was standing there, hoping for one of them to run by, accidentally slip and knock me out in the process.

A second later. Not a single male came to my rescue.

I tried to ease off the situation by pretending I did not hear anything. We carried on the casual meetup conversation and bid our farewell.

Any gal with an average intellect can deduce what my friend's question had implied.

Angel,"So you blog. You did not tell me."

"Why did she ask that? She must have assumed you met me through blogging. Do you meet alot of girls from blogging?"

Hell yeah.

I had the whole night to explain why I did not want her to know about this blog. For one thing, this blog isn't 100% me. To be honest, some parts of this blog aien't even me. This is a sketchpad for whatever little creativity I possess and a field for some emotions to run wild, overboard. With some of these thoughts and some embaressing history of mine, if I have a choice, I would not have any friend know about this blog.

This is the main reason why I do not meet any more bloggers. And also the reason why i choose to keep most of whatever little blogging friends I have, at a comfortable distance.

True be told, I have nothing to hide in this blog. Just a little privacy is all I need. Just like ladies, wearing their bikini on the beach doesn't neccessary mean that they would not mind having their bikini pictures all over the internet.

Angel will know about this blog in due time. Its just simply not due yet.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger lakeside girl said...

"A secret is like a rat, or an ulcer. A secret always finds a way out, even if it has to gnaw its way through the lining of your stomach. "


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

If Angel is Eurasian and an SIA stewardess, I know her!


Next time, just deny.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Alphabet Moppet said...

Uh oh, i tried defusing when i caught a look. Guess i didnt succeed eh ... sorry about it :(


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