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Friday, July 06, 2007

A Byul(Star) is born...

I have not been updating this blog for more than a month.

I thought it will be nice to slot in something. If you notice, there is a Widget on the top-left corner of this blog. It will play "Byul" for your listening pleasure.

There are 2 reasons for it being there:

1) This song is very beautiful. Just like Kim Ah-Joong, who had starred in the movie "200 pounds beauty".

2) I do not know how to align it with the blog layout since the code for this widget is a cut-n-paste. Thus, it probably looks out-of-place. Then again, on hindsight, I think I will leave it in its supposely awkward position as this song does warrant a right to stand out from this blog, rather than fitting in as a part of it.

For those who had seen this movie, you would probably understand and feel for this song. For those who don't and do not have a heart cum tear-duct of stone, I could recommend. You can get this DVD from some leading neighbourhood DVD stores(Read TS).

If there is a message behind this movie, its just that the society we live in, is too conscious of image and looks. It does pay to take a step back and reflect on whether your treatment to others has been too biased for superficial reasons.

On the other hand, we do understand that it is only human nature to admire what is beautiful and I believe everyone has a right to pursue beauty. For those peaching on right-or-wrong on plastic surgery, who are they to tell others that they should stay ugly if that is the hand they were dealt, when there is clearly an alternative out of it.

Being beautiful does not guarantee happiness, but I guess it does contribute to some extent to your feeling abit better each day.

After all, isn't Life all about pursuing what you deem as perfect for yourself?

You don't deserve less. Remember that.

Signing off.


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