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Monday, February 14, 2005

A Clearer Path Ahead...

Went for my last LASIK consultancy session at TTS and guess what? I'm going for it.
Apparently, my cornea reading at TTS is higher than mine at SNEC. I have no idea how is that possible. That, plus the Intralase procedure at TTS, enabled me to go for it.
For my cornea reading, TTS performed 2 tests on it. One is a laser equipment and the other one is a mechanical procedure. The mechanical procedure was interesting. They used anasthetics on my eyes, making it slightly numb before using a pen-like object to "poke" at my eye balls. Its was quite fun to have the thing over your cornea and not feel a thing when you were expecting pain at every contact. Anyway, both procedures are supposed to give very similar readings.
At SNEC, they used only the former procedure before telling me about my cornea thickness. While I would like to think that TTS is correct and SNEC is not, hence justifying my eligibility for LASIK. I DO wonder... What if TTS happens to be wrong? Perhaps, I should try to get a third opinion before my operation.
Anyway, I will be going for the operation in a months time. So, I guess, in this last month, I will try to spend more quality time with my eye's buddy of more than a decade. I'm looking at my contact lens right now and its kind of sentimental as to how I will not be putting it on ever again. It pretty much feels like one era in my life is ending and another will soon begin. A clearer era.
I am prepared to use eye wear even after LASIK as it does not guarantee perfect eye-sight. But I suppose the feeling of putting those on will not be the same as before. Its the degree of dependency that will be changed. Looking forward to it.


At 5:08 AM, Blogger Trevor said...

Good luck with the operation! Was thinking of doing that back here in BC but the cost for the operation had doubled to CAD$2000 per eye. SoB!

Also I'm kinda worried about practice kendo should I ever get it done with it being an impact sport/martial arts.

Eh got time send me some info you've learnt before opting for the operation.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Yes, that is on concern on people undergoing LASIK. I have a friend who gave up Muay Thai when he decided that he would be going for LASIK. However, I'm not sure if the sacrifice is necessary. The cornea is already very thin in the first place, ranging from around 430 to 650 microns. I do not know if impact after ops would do much more damage than if it would before. I can try fishing out some info from the eye clinics though.
Alternatively, my surgeon actually offered me another operational procedure called "Verisal"(Do not know the spelling). Anyway, that one involves an artificial lens transplant into the cornea. Open wound is made, lens inserted. Might still need to perform minor LASIK as the initial procedure aien't extremely accurate but once everything is done. The chances of obtaining 6/6 is higher than LASIK's. The thought of having something inside my cornea, doesn't quite go down well with me though.


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