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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lack of Morality and Integrity Pays.

Da Nian Chu Er(2nd day of CNY), and I'm at home right now, waiting for relatives invasion. According to my mom, there would be special guest appearance from very distant relatives in JB. Absolutely no idea how they look like. I'll see.
Other than that, my CNY seems pretty uneventful. Its the same thing year after year, visiting Grandparents on first day. Then maybe hobble down to friends place for some vices. 2nd day is always reserved for incoming house visits. I can carrying on blogging about CNY stuffs, but to do so would be so cliche as everyone is going about it. Here are some recommended links for a bit more interesting CNY reads though.

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Anyway, I was having some games at Loy's place last night. On way back, I pass by Ang Mo Kio. Being a westerner, I seldom venture into the North. On one of the few times that I do, an interesting incident took place.

It was a good six years ago. I was still serving National Service and on this eventful Saturday, WH and I were at Nee Soon Army Camp for some Open House Celebration. Afterwards, we ended up at Ang Mo Kio for lunch. Coincidentally, it was a flag day, where you see those uniformed cuties lining up with collection tin cans.

We were having lunch when we spotted this pretty lass lunching with her schoolmates. From her uniform, she was from Nanyang JC. After a bit of oglying on our part, we dismissed the fascination. Having eaten, we proceed to explore this alien part of the island. For you see, WH is an Easterner and me, a Westerner. We seldom go to the Northern region.

As fate would decree, we ran into the same cute lass again. This time, alone, with the tin can. Open to all possible advances. Being playful NS boys, WH and I had a light discussion and decided that we had nothing to lose in trying to get to know her. On positive note, we can get to know that cute chick, whereas the downfall was that we might simply fail, pack our bags and leave, no one would ever know about our incompetence. How true! Until 6 years later, I decide to blog about it.

We approached with sincerity and chatted her up. Shes called Magdalene. Sweet girl. On a parting note, we asked for her number, she wasn't comfortable giving and we rested at that. Next day, we would share the experience with T-mas, who, would serve to perform the highest level of persistence and inquisitiveness ever known among buayas(Malay for crocodile, slang for hormones-drive man).

Over the following week...coupled with just 2 information. Her name is Magdalene. She is in Nanyang JC. The smartie went onto IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and into the channel #nyjc. There, he would activate his script which would page for the girl named Magdalene, NYJC who spent the "Flag Day" in Toa Payoh region. His efforts were rewarded somewhat a week later, whereby a nick messaged him asking about why is he looking for Magdalene.

Now, the next part that would follow, would be the only underhand method he would be applying. He came up with a story, the same one that WH and I shared with him, but with some creative editing. He added that he was at the scene of the approach, however, his balls were cramped and hence did not show his face while his "buddies" approached to chat with Mag. He "regretted" not getting to chat with that cute one. And hence, is all out to seek her again.

"BASTARD!",you would say. Well, I wouldn't disagree. I never mentioned that he deserved to be called anything less. But in this lesson, we would go on to learn that morality and integrity may not get you as far as our hero here.

The fish had taken the bait for the nick was indeed Magdalene. He would go on convinced her to chat on the phone, get her number, and finally meet up at a playground near his place, then into his house, into his room and onto his bed. No sex and hanky-panky though, at least that what he claimed.

WH and I only got to hear about his plans and achievements only after he achieved the "bedding" part. It certainly left a sour note in our mouth. After all of our initiative and solid balls, a "cramped balls" actually came in and got away with our apple. 6 years later, I'm still sour, but you gota hand it to the guy who pulled it off.


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