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Monday, February 21, 2005

Most Memorable Moments in UBC, Vancouver

If I have to list ten and rank them, here they are...

1) Initial difficulties in lodging. Read it here, here and here.

2) Jeff and mine trips to the Striptease bar. And his obliging girlfriend who would send us there and fetch us home. That was the classic.

3) The ultimate free-flow boozing section at Trevor's place on weekends. Long live the cost and variety of beer in Canada.

4) Held at the head of the queue at a club's entrance, in freezing temperature, from 10 pm to 1am, while the bouncers teased us with sarcasm(lots), about their meeting inside the club with Kiko Wu, who was making a special appearance that night. The main reason why we hot-blooded male are there in the first place. We gave up queuing and went to another pub. I hope the same bouncers get prostate cancer.

5) My Canadian house mate, Ryan, and me walking over to the other end of our block's carpark. He smoking pot while I puff on a regular cigarette. I felt like a total faggot.

6) 5 day class schedule. Half-days on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Two-hour day on Tuesday and Thursday. No tutorials. Only one assignment every fortnight. Each assignment is about 2 or 3 questions long. We were educated in quality, not quantity.

7) My German room-mate, who demonstrated his non-American sense of humour, by saying this to Ryan and me while watching Friends,"I don't get it. Whats so funny? I do not get it. What are you guys laughing at it?"

8) The Forest faculty had a new, beautiful building. The interior was tastefully decorated coming to X'mas and I would sneak inside at time to mug for exams. After 5pm, access was only for Foresty students with Access ID cards, so I had to hang around the building until someone comes along and I get in with them.

9) My obsession with Hons, a well-known mid-budget Chinese eatery. There were branches all over Vancouver. I would have dinner there and ta bao(take-away) the left-overs for the next few days' ration.

10) Meeting Kit's niece, Grace, who was one-helluva beauty. Too bad I wasn't well-spoken in Cantonese which I notice, the Hong Kongers in Canada still prefer to converse in. Conversing in English among the Chinese seems fake as compared to conversing in Cantonese. Main reason why I could not really bond with the Hong Kongers while there.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

Oh yeah I remember those days when we were stuck on campus and drinking to forget our sad existence! haha.. But it was definitely a good time, listening to music and talking cock.

Damn if I could only convince that hot looking chick to join us! Remember her on the first floor of Ritz?! (wink!)

2.. I felt bad for Jeff's gf.. how could you guys dump her for the stripbar? (".)

4.. wasn't that the night outside "big bamboo" when Jason, Jeff and another friend of mine was with us? damn.. we were right at the front of the line too.. ><#

ah.. good times good times..

At 6:44 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

1) Yes, I remember. She was definitely hot stuff. We were drunk, it was cold. We needed warmth. We should have invited her.

2) We were still unable to convince you to join us.

3) Yes it was. Fug. Still wanna bash the bouncer.


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