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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Close Now...

The search has taken him to this secluded part of Sevilla, Spain, thousands of miles away from home. Maybe not really "home". Place of origin would be a more appropriate term. Afterall, home is what he is tracking for now. Father Sun is on his side when time isn't. Seven twenty five. It is still bright, clarity of landscape borrowed from the long Spanish summer days, for without any street lamps in this part of town, navigation would be rendered impossible without.

The crumbled map in his hands has brought him so far and will play no further part as he pushes on to locate his hunt. Folding the map and slotting it into the inner side pockets of his demi-jacket, he glances around, scrutinising the surroundings.

Basking in rustic setting, serene and interrupted only by the occassional chirping of bird, he wished he need not have to think and to move on. Yet, it was exactly what he had to do.

'The lights wouldn't hold up much longer, I have at most, 40 good minutes left'

All he had was a vague description of ..., this rural setting is not going to make his task any simple. Seconds past by before sweeps of boom come within audible range of his hearing, its from his left. Wasting no time, he bashes through the dense vegetation towards the possibly only hint at present.

It was an old man, clearing fallen leaves off a pebbled footpath, efficiently concealed by the lush undergrowths from the other side. Walking up, John pauses for a moment, recollecting his limited vocabulary of Spanish.

"Hola. Un pregunta, por favor. Donde esta ... "

Without hesitation,"Sigue alto recto pues gire a la derecha."

It was as if he had already foreseen the question coming.


And John eyes the distance ahead. The pebbled footpath turning to the left.

'Close now. Very close now'


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