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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Drinking Driving No Joke..

This pretty up sums up my Friday...

1800hrs - Your truly. At "Da Hole". Starting with 2 half-pints of Hoegarden(660ml) while "chomping" seats for "Da Gang".

1900hrs - Getting unbearable. Thankfully, staffs and people were around were keeping me occupied. A guy was "warning" me about the driving for the night. Rumours of TP operations. Ordered one more pint of Hoegarden (500ml).

1930hrs - Sam arrived with news of her inpending move to Hong Kong...for indefinite period of time. And that, for her, justifies the execution of two bottles of Moet.

2030hrs - Moet on free flow. Together with the Peanut cake, red eggs and Ang Ku Kueh, courtesy of Peh Wen Jun's first month since arriving on to this cruel world. Consume my next pint of Hoegarden(500ml).

2200hrs - The party in full blown. Second bottle of Moet incoming. Done with Hoegarden. One more bottle of Budweiser. Can't even remember if Bev or me bought it.

2359hrs - Went off to answer a phone-call. No further comments. No more drinks from here.

0220hrs - Left "Da Hole".

0245hrs - KNN. Flashing blue and red lights. Was asked to move to the side of the road. Took breath analyzer test. Failed. Bev insisted on following me to the Police station. Touching gesture, would have hugged her there and then and not let go. But then again, would be too "Drama" for a Road Block.

0300hrs - Up the Escort vehicle. Now I realise, its not easy to get into a Police Escort Vehicle, apparently, only "Suspects" and "Criminals" are allowed in. Bev had to hitch a cab to Ubi. To Ubi Centre for next round of tests.

0345hrs - Shitty feeling after being stuck in Holding Area. 3 other men from my "Batch". 1 released, other two, not going to be driving for next one year.

0350hrs - My turn for the test. 28 mg/L. Legal limit at 35 mg/L. And I'm off scot-free once more.

0355hrs - Out in the open, only to realise, other than Bev, Elis, Jason and Colin all came down.

0430hrs - Waited for car. Went for supper.

0600hrs - Touch down home base.

Overall, its not a very nice experience to be caught for "drink" driving. Whats more disturbing was the fact that I depend on my license for a living. The second test, would render me, without "A lot of things", should I have failed. And it was not fucking worth it. I wouldn't say that from now onwards, I'm going to totally avoid alchohol when I'm on the wheels. But I'll be sure to watch what goes down the throat. Close escape. May not be as lucky the next time round.

What I learnt from the night : Drink Responsibly If You Are Driving, Period.

By the way, there is this "Chicken Little" clip, dancing during the previews of movies. Its jiving to the same song as this other Gigolo in the movie "Deuce Bigalow:European Gigolo" during the "Awards". Anyone knows that song?


At 5:10 PM, Blogger SpaceCake said...

Man, that sounds harrowing.

Anyway, the song you're looking for is the Numa Numa Dance song, I think. Check out people singing along with the song, with animations too.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger yummlicious said...

Hmm..tot de song for tt movie is 'Dirty little secret'..

At 5:58 PM, Blogger sassyjan said...

close shave dude.

it's abt time we catch up ;)

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Guojun said...

The song is called the Numa Numa song... I think. I have the link to the Chicken Little trailer on my blog. Haha.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger c said...

since everytime I "get your cds from you" or vice versa, it seems jinxed to failed so I hope providing you with the name and artist of this song will help you with "buying your cd"



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