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Thursday, October 20, 2005


A newly-acquainted fellow at the House of Issues was openly pouring out his sorrows to me. He had given me a brief rundown of his life for the past one year. Set-backs in career, finance and love life(he almost got married). He had a possessive fiancee, who did not allow him to go out, nor keep in contact with any girls. At this point I added, "A relationship not built on trust will never ever last."

But was it ever easy to trust a person?

Years ago, I had the taste of having my then-girlfriend openly telling me that she had to spend the night at an ex-boyfriend's place, despite my objections. And imagine my anguish when she tried to called me from her ex's place and the bastard kept forcing her to hang up the phone. I went to her place, met her mum but I couldn't tell her what happened least it could get her in trouble. I loitered around til dawn. I called her best friends, none could offer me much advice. Next day, my then-gf called me and told me that nothing happened and that they were just sorting things out. Thing could be fine from then onwards, except I tried to trust her. I pretended to trust her. I now realise I never trusted her. Which is why, from that night onwards, I never loved her anymore. I only couldn't bear to lose.

Subsequently, I had a lot of trust issues. It lead to a lot of insecurity in the next relationship. I wanted to place it all but I never could keep the relationship balanced. Again, I never trusted.

After the sea is calm and solemn, I realise it might be a bliss to trust after all.

I forgot where I said this before, but if you really love a person, you wouldn't mind a single bit of his/her past. Not a single bit. Not a single damn. And if you can accept the past, why can't you trust him/her with your future?

Yes, I finally trust.


At 12:07 AM, Blogger linda said...

my stand is still - men can never be trusted. they are always so ruled by whats under that they forget that the brain is up there for a reason. to THINK before they DO it whether its right or wrong. =P just my 2 cents la hor! =) anyways, i can never trust a man completely. younger being naive maybe yes but not now anymore.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger FF said...

Yes, always give the benefit of the doubt. No doubt we can't trust anyone completely, but we must try because living in constant suspicion is a pain in the ass.


At 10:33 PM, Blogger Bittersweet said...

I still feel that no matter what, people will still lie in order to cover up those insecurities within us. These are assumed to be little white lies. Yet no matter what it is still a form of lying and trust will be broken some way or another.

It is very hard to trust someone cause you do no know whether the person will ever betray your trsut which leads to dissapointment.

To trust and be trusted is a hard thing to do and i think it largely deopends on a person's level of tolerants


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