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Monday, October 17, 2005

Day of "Ok" and "Yes"...

Let me make this as clear.Calling your long-time-never-contact ex-classmate or friends up and trying to link them up with a Multi-level Marketing(MLM) scheme, is as good as cutting off any possible ties you might have left.

I have nothing against MLM itself, but I dislike the way people scramble to past contacts, claiming camaraderie when all you really need is someone to be "under" you. Try rejecting that guys' proposal of a "Business" plan and you bet that you will not hear anything from them ever again. An ex-classmate called moments ago to bring up a MLM scheme, this was a follow-up from a "catching-up" call that he gave me yesterday. Without further ado, I said "No" to everything that he said.

This is a contrast from everything today as it has been a day of obligatory "Yes". I almost nodded to my car agent, only to realise that my other female agent can "Thyh" better and not as pesky. I got out of the talk with my cheque book intact.

I actually said "ok" to my friend who was in need of a partner for the Subaru Impreza challenge. It was a mixed feeling. On one hand, I want to partake but guess there was a lot of fear. Fear from falling out earlier than expecting, fear from disappointing him. Also I'm confused as to why I have to hesitate this long when all I need is to stand with palms on the car for 6 hours at a run, 5 minutes break in between, braving the sun and the rain, enduring the calls of mother nature, risk of aggrevating my gastric, potential Absinthe-like hallucinations, no showers for at least 2 days at a time and the torment of not being able to move around for days... in return for the glory of being the last team standing, proud owners of 2 Beng Impreza WRX.

Hmmm.... maybe I have to give him another call.


At 12:06 AM, Blogger nadnut said...

i kena 'mlm-ed' on saturday1 -_-"

go for the challenge! i'll go see!


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