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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sugar High on a High...

I had my first taste of being drunk on a Sugar High on Saturday.

The evening started out with a great dinner at "Fish Market" followed by a movie, "Playtime", a french movie being shown on courtesy of a film festival. It wasn't a very "exciting" movie but I kinda enjoyed it to some extent though. First of all, I did not know what to expect and what to look out for before the show started.

Though I did napped through parts of the movie(had a filling dinner), I still find the movie concept very interesting. As it turns out to be, it is like a showcase for people-watching. I can almost imagine myself standing at a corner of the airport, just people-watching, except in this instance, I'm doing it from the comfort of the cushioned-throne at GV Plaza Singapura. It was tiring as people seem to be going about their own activities and I kept scouting the screen, trying to capture any significance. What was challenging was when, at one stage, four rooms, viewed from their glass windows, were on the scenes at one point. Focusing on one point, would place the other 3 rooms in your blind spots. I'm wondering if the movie is made to be appreciated that way.

As a whole, I suppose its a humourous film. Humourous to what extent it should be, I'm not sure as there were people laughing at scenes throughout, when I was only mildly-tickled within.

Ventured to Wala halfway through the movie(Sorry Sam, we did not complete the entire dosage). As it turns out to be, my fourth night in a row, catching UnXpected in action. Truly a record, short of fact that I aien't no stalker nor am I any groupie. Its open knowledge that bands hate playing at Balaclava and as a whole, they are usually unable to put in their best, unlike their acts at Wala where the crowd is definitely more appreciative of the music. This is sad. As a regular at Balaclava, I would say that the playing band does add anticipations to my visit, pity the circumstances restricting their potentials.

Anyway, that said. Maybe its the fatigue from 4 days of drinking and late nights. Might even be my unorthodox dosage(3 within a span of 3 hours) of Chuppa Chups. I actually had my head spinning on the drive home even though I only had 4 pints of Hoe and 1/2 pint of Budweiser, which is the volume that I take on a light drinking session.

I should have seen that coming, when on my 2nd lollipop, Lizzy officially diagnosed me as being on a sugar high. And that "It doesn't over-write the alcohol effect". I gulped.

Much apologises to B, who had to worry about my drive back and endured the long wait while I dozed like a baby in the car. I promise I will not be so greedy and share my lollipops the next time round.

Til next time. Chill.


At 8:53 AM, Blogger said...

I was about to chide you (on behalf of your dentist) for having so many lollies in one night. Ha.. until I realised you were a Chupa Chups VIRGIN!!

*grin* ooohhh..

At 10:34 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Look at the vending machine carefully, its sez that it does cause any tooth decay wor. And yes, you had a part in breaking my virginity, so dun act all saintly. =p

At 8:38 AM, Blogger said...

Me? *look innocent* As far as I remember, it was a guy who first awoke your Chupa Chups instinct! Ha.. so kinky!


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