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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Everyones Moving...

Deepavali. The day past mundanely til evening, when a simple event with a touching agenda come in. A good friend of ours is leaving for UK on a job and will be stationed there for the next 2 years. 2 years is not a very long time, but considerably quite some time though, considering the average male who clubs and smoke lives up to a lengthy span of approximately 55 years. Considering that I'm in my late twenties, that is like, not being able to catch up with him for 10 percent of my remaining life.

He is leaving with his beloved wife, baby girl snudgely in the womb. Its actually quite a bittersweet warmth seeing an entire family relocated temporarily, facing the uncertainty of a new life abroad, whenever the man gets a job opportunity abroad. As contrast to seeing a bachelor do the same thing(High chance he'll probably just work, play and fuck around anyway).

So it was us, in the sparse, lazy and cosy cafe of terminal one at 11 plus. Borrowed time of one more hour in Singapore, courtesy of a flight delay. While the conversation pretty much resembles a simple gathering, there is something special about the entire thing. In a way, it signifies the moving on of life. I look around and I see everyone moving.

It was enlightening how everyone is moving on. I should be too. Not that I'm doing nothing but I feel some aspects of my life can still be pushed on. And its a good time to get down to some serious planning. Not just on what I want, but what I should be doing.

Thank care, Danny and Cheryl. We'll see you soon.


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