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Thursday, November 10, 2005

H.O.I... Season 2... Part I: Sleaze Ground...

And so it is. It truly is. Shenzhen Baby(Formerly known as Shanghai) is gonna hold a birthday party at the House of Issues(HOI).

If a normal night of partying aien't sufficient to blow her off the bar top, this has gonna be the one. The usually-lethargic Rex contemplates bringing along his trustworthy pillow-&-blanket for a Power Nap, should the grooving gets tough. On a hindsight, a part of shades or eye-screen would make for a more practical accessory. At least, it provides visual comfort when he has to witness the barbaric, alcoholic onslaught of D.O.Ms and fledglings, against the Sober Minds.

Each Five-Ten lost, will cause Fairlady to bask in the Flaming Lamborghinis, going All-around-the-world in Frustration.

A party to kill all parties(human) it will be. And the massacre will take place in many ways. Except, this will only be the first part out of two.

Rex can't bear to look. This event will only serve to highlight his recent encounter with sleazy people. "All people I met outside school have been sleazy....except for you...erm... Rex.",so coaxed Alain Deloin. So true.

How many more sleazy Fucks must Rex meet? Fat, greasy "I-want-to-get-into-all-gals'skirt-doesn't-matter-if-they-are-attached". Faggity, young-when-high old fucks. Young-and-thinks-he-should-screw-doggy stalker. "Friendly" back-stabbing "I-know-u-diggit'in-I-just-wanna-learn" cheap farks. Why can all stand by the common, hygenic rule of screwing each other missionary(aka from the front)? Rex's sick of having his arse rimmed.

If thats the real world, HOI is just a miniature. Summary sheet.

Fuck you all sleazy old baggies. Stay off Rex's playgrounds. Rexy's traumatised. =p

Turbo gauge on. Water temperature gauge on. Engine temperature gauge on.

Let us all pray for RPM to stay below 7,200 and Turbo not to kick in. Rex's a burner on turbo.



At 3:31 AM, Blogger Jetsetjunkie said...

Hope Rex survived.

At 1154, jetsetjunkie was overwhelmed by the onslaught of sleazebags and was swept away as bloody roadkill.

Naw, took the cab.

Haha. Never Bala again, man. NEVER.


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