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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jealousy Calls Foul...

Seems like there has been a bit of hoo-haa with regard to the plastic's that Dawn Yang has undergone. I think everything is pretty easy to compile.

Some people are just jealous that this gal has managed to get into the limelight, no doubt, courtesy of her looks. Then, they realise "Blaardy L, shes not naturally pretty, its all plastics." and hence they take it upon their responsibility to declare that she is unworthy of her tiara.

Judge rules... Jealousy at work. And I have a reason to suspect that its a lady who probably started it. I as a male, has absolutely no issues with regard to any ladies with plastics. After all, they pay for the Ops while I too, get to enjoy the visuals. I have to admit that, internally, I might cry foul should any guy, goes under the knife and gain instant fame.

Good-looking and not. No one will prefer the latter over former. We all want to look good and better. Of course, looks aien't everything. In getting to know a person, what really matters, is the character. But these are people that you already know. What about the 99% of the world out there who do not know you in person? Surely your look is the only attribute that they can base their initial interest on. Naturally, any young gal out there, seeking attention and admiration, but do not possess the in-born prerequisite, would be induced to go under the knife.

I would like to go for facial plastic surgery too, and I already have a list of the parts to be enhanced. The only reason stopping me is as follows:

1) Same fate as Dawn Yang.

Oh yah. And I must confess that I zhng(modified) my 'manhood' last year. Yes, the average Asian norm of 6 inches aien't enough. Those who have seen the new length have nothing to complain about. But the 6 inches from my previous league are pretty buay song(not happy) about it.

Suck on that.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Ah 9 said...

6 inches not enuff long for wat..haaa...later the char bor kena internal bleeding..can die one u know?


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