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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tempo of Last Night...

And I realise that I'm not the only one at John Digweed's set last night. I agree. Did someone tell me that its Progressive House? Apparently, it just wasn't progressing fast enough for our liking. I remember at one time, in dismay, I was urging "Faster, faster!" just as my feet gave up stamping the bassline. The tempo wasn't progressing much from two hours ago. Gosh.

"He's crazy!",muttered Shawn.

I wish I was, then I wouldn't be able to figure out the boredom. The set did get better after 4, but by then, I was already over-spent from upkeeping previous anticipations of better turns round the corner.

Oh one more thing. There are certain places to pick up chicks, certain places to socialise and certain places to hit the beat. And even within these places, there are certain people who love to entertain you and certain people who just want to entertain themselves. Its very important not to disturb a confused groover trying to make sense of the set, with totally irrelevant topics like your academic background and music history. Especially so if he is so obviously trying to avoid conversations. People should just take effort to learn to read faces and body language, if they do not have the instincts to do so in the first place.

Plus, Xuehua would be interested to know that, you can take the party out of Bala, but you can't take Bala out of the party. Selected guests aside, it seemed like dark denizens still prowl the trails we left behind.

I also have strong results supporting my thesis that claims the ability to figure out when one's welcome is overstayed or non-existent, is genetic. Definitely!

Ironically, the most defining moment of the night took place post-party and outside Zouk. V-Lian was urging me to do the nice-est things that I can be performing when I finally took my stand on "obligation to protect" and "not interfering with adult's choices of which they aware of the consequences". Saying no to everything then, I struggled with the bastard that I want to be and not the bastard that I can be.

My stand still stays. But I guess I can be flexible at times.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger said...

I'm just glad the birthday season's over.


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