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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let it go, let it be...

When I was in Vancouver, one of the things that made me uncomfortable was the fact that the Hong Konger migrants, seem to love talking about the Great Hong Kong everyday, at every single possible conversation. Ok, I exaggerated. It was simply that, they keep reminiscing their past in Hong Kong when it is a fact that they have left everything behind. Then they will start to compare Vancouver to Hong Kong, and start to complain.

Lately, I been meeting a lot of Singaporeans who had previously studied in Australia. And I see a similar trend in them. They cannot quite put their happy times in Downunder behind them. Some have made their way back to Australia. Good for them to be able to pursue what they themselves want. The others who are still lamenting, I only sense the psychological prison which they are subjecting themselves to. I can only feel sorry for them.

One thing about people. Our emotions do not allow us to put things behind at will. Same for memories, even more applicable to relationships. Trying to let go may take time, but ultimately, its important to do so. There is really no use leaving your heart in a previous position when you are physically miles away.

By the way, before I log off. Have you heard the crap song on radio that goes "England, win the world cup." PTOoi! When I see England play, I see eleven star players on the field and not a team. And furthermore, its taboo to sing about winning when you have not won it yet. I don't think England will make it to the semi's at the rate they are performing.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Jetsetjunkie said...

FYI, the Hong Kong migrants' kids who have to come home to Hong Kong keep whining that Vancouver is better :)

Well, the old folks will die one day. Let it rest. Hahaha!


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