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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Shitting @ Work...

Its strange how cupid like to throw you deals all the time, that seemingly on first glance, appears so perfect until one or two of the Clauses within set you requesting "Next potential deal, pls?".

Colleagues have been commenting on how our eyes have been sparkling with radiance each time they meet. Even the way we have been playing things down, couldn't escape some of the keener "paparazzi"s. Yes, we know that we have taking a sort of liking to each other. Ironic how I have never really done anything out of the way to get her attention.

But I still don't think I will be carrying it anywhere. Big problem in that it clashes with my No.1 policy... Never shit where you work. Office romance for me has always been a No-no.

Yeah. I shouldn't shit where I work. Next potential deal, pls?

On the other hand, I am having a very tough time trying to turn down a mini-party organised by another colleague. I won't admit to being a cool dude around to hang out with, but I'm sure there are some out there, who are definitely way so uncool and so farking boring to be around, kinda like him. I am wondering why he doesn't realise that our conversations are boring and that we do not click at all.

Best part of all, this dude doesn't drink at all, not a single drop no matter how much we had tried coaxing him during dinners. Now the same sober mind is trying to drag my ass down to a pub.

I have tried to reject the invitation, but it seems that this mini-party will not carry on without yours truly's presense. Plus. I have tried every means of turning him down, except telling him in his face "I do not want to party with you." Now, this is another way of interpreting the phase "Don't shit where you eat" I do not want a 31 year old, effeminine, boy-at-heart colleague crying on my hands. I just have to turn up to "work" on Friday night then. Now, this is OT.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger c said...

tell him you are meeting some hot babes and at another place.

At worse make some lame excuse that you need to urgently service your car etc...

I remember that in my most desperate situations, I even ask me frn to call me at a specific time to get me out of the rut.. excuses like:

1) friend is suicidal
2) friend is insisting vehemently I go over
3) friend is introducing some hot guy/gal to me and you are not being a good friend of mine if you made me stay
4) at the very worse, they left something in your car and you need to return it urgently. then call back to say you are too tired to come back to the party. end of story

god I'm an excuse queen. LOL


At 11:55 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

You are good, you can easily have a posting dedicated to that...


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