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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whatever it takes...

Some time back, I had told myself that if Dj Tiesto ever comes to Singapore, I will attend his gig, no matter what price I have to pay. Looks like my faith is to be tested. Unable to secure a table nor advance tickets, I am left to fend for a spot in the queue on Friday. I can only pray that the heat will not be sweltering, the clouds will not pee and de-odourants don the surrounding bodies. God bless this fan.

Thats on Friday. Just this morning, I received news of an invitation to Zouk's 15th anniversary party, Crystal Ball. And right now, in my wankingright hand, is the reverred golden ticket.

People who know me well will know that this is one poseur event that I will die to attend. Moment I set my eyes on my ticket, I spotted the "Bring One Guest" and my next thought was "I'm not going with a guy."

Which leaves me with 2 more options. Going alone or bring a girl.

I decided going alone, looks very loser-ish. So it has to be a girl I'm bringing.

Scouting through my list, I realise there are a lot of names I can ask. Some of them are undisputably gorgeous, presentable ladies that I know and yet, I can't bear to ask them. I do not know why, I am reserving my cards.

Until today, a call at 7pm hit me while I was snuggling up at home. It was a lady, a stranger. She was supposed to arrange for an appointment, but apparently, she screwed up. She asked if I could make it at last minute notice, I answered negatively. In the seconds following my hang-up, I couldn't concentrate on my PS2 set. The helpless-ness, the sense of anxiety of her, I couldn't rub off.

I looked at my mobile and dialled the last received call and I asked,"If I come down in 30 minutes time, will that do it for you?"

"Please do!"

35 minutes later, I was walking through the glass door, towards a giggling lady.

Then I realised what I had wanted for the date. I wanted a stranger. I think the key is "excitment". Because with romance, you should never be able to anticipate what you are going to get.

And thats on Saturday.


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