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Sunday, November 19, 2006

G33k Talk...

The end of the year is always a good time for economy. Every single activity seems to be overclocked. Down from your daily work schedule to your social activities and acquisition manuvoeurs. What more? Santa Claus is coming to town next month.

Expenditure has been soaring high and despite my attempts to keep it under more scrutiny, I could only break even my savings with desire for gadgets.

The new Apple Shuffle is a beauty. If no one had told me, I would have thought that Apple has designed a clothe peg as a gift item. Who could imagine that this weight-less innocent "peg" serves as a mp3 player and at a cost of around S$150? Now I can easily drown my pains during runs. There is very little barrier to entry. But still, I'm holding on to the rails.

The other item on the shopping list, is a new PC. Every few years, your current workstation turns cranky and slow. Gradually, you realise that you can afford to take toilet and snack breaks in between program start-ups. Your brother throws you a new game to try online and you witness nothing but lags and accusations from online gamers that you are a major screw-up to their team and nothing but jinx. You walk to Sim Lim and you get high looking at the price lists, hot chicks pushing Made-in-China mp3 players plus the realisation that you are a grown-up now. The Gaming Boy can now afford to upgrade his gears like a Lvl 25 Pudge, with Level 4 Equipment Recipes, just like in DOTA.

But what is up next is a series of obsession and headaches as I try to decide what brand and make of parts to assemble. The new Intel Core 2 series is not making it any better for me. Newly launched in July and available in market for a reasonable price. Was looking at a Intel P4 3.0GHz with 1 Gig RAM, and that would allow me to play any game out there right?

Not so easy with the new shite. It seems that for a hundred plus more with Intel Core2 E6300, I can have a devil which upon overclocking, can leave the Athlon 64 and Pentium P945(in their overclocked states) biting the dust.

The difference probably would not even be noticable given the light tasks I'll be performing. But hey, you can't hit 200 km/hrs on Singapore roads too. Why do people still buy Porsche?

But with all these purchases, you need money, you know?

Where am I suppose to get all those money? I wonder...

Round 3, 2nd Leg...

Starting Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5

1) Wigan 0:0.25 Aston Villa Win 1/2
2) Blackburn 0:0 Tottenham Draw

Finishing Scoreline: FF 0.5, TP 5.5


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