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Monday, October 09, 2006


You would think that at the age of 28, someone like me seems to be having hellurva time. Earning for the upkeep of just one, no major commitments, in good health, no lack of social activities. PLUS, it can only get better, afterall, they say men age like wine, older the better. And at my age, I'm at best, a young wine(hope I come from a good year though).

And you know what? I agree, to a major extent. Much more dough would be colorful, but thats another story. Of course, with dough, I can write a book on the numerous lifestyle changes I'll adopt, but as with all other things, life will always be more perfect if you can have it your way. Its neverending and there is a line between pursuing a dream or fantasy. Pardon this sidetrack.

Problem is, time doesn't stay still. I can still vividly recall the day I got enlisted into the army, which is a good decade ago. Likewise, a decade from now, I will be looking back.

Already, I can feel the effects of age. I am unable to stay as alert and energetic on 2 hours sleep and recovery from intense exercise aien't instantaneous anymore. How would things be like when I'm 35? This has driven me towards more enthusiast and commitment to a regular fitness regime. Its not a matter of passing the annual IPPT, or surpassing your bunk-mates with the most rippling biceps anymore. Its a challenge, between me and Age.

You can never beat Age, but theres no harm in putting up a good fight while you are at it, doesn't it?


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