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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Emotionally Unavailable (Physically Available?)...

A night at Velvet, and it seemed like a perfect night out. What with everyone getting drunk and semi-drunk when you are only nicely high. I don't believe in getting drunk in club, because I do not derive any pleasure out of it. Down on the ground, out of control, making a scene and hangovers, just so not my shot of tequila.

I'm a poor drinker. These are what I had in progressive order:

01 glass x Vodka Supernova (An in-house concoction at Zouk I was told)
01 glass x Bourbon Coke
04 shots x Sex on the Beach
02 x bottle of Heineiken

And that was all. Enough for me to maintain composure while making eyes at the ladies and strutting my stuffs on the dance floor and taking care of any casualties.

Its been quite a week. Work and all, meet-up with old friends and stuffs. And the realisation of what I had been burdened with for the past couple of months, which I had blissfully been unconscious of.

Today, for the 2nd time in 3 months, I had to end another courtship. Abeit this time, I was able to give the other party a less vague and more fair answer.

"Sorry. I'm emotionally unavailable." (Yes, that sounds exactly like a player's line)

"So, that means you are physically available la?"

What can I say to that? Guys are ALWAYS physically available, but what separates Man from animals, is that we do screen our meat.

Facts aside, I realise that I am quite a perfectionist where relationship is concerned. Anything less than perfect is simply not enough for me. I do not need the sexiest, most charismatic or intelligent partner. All I'm looking for, is that someone who is JUST right. Which, seems like a tall task, given the track records.

Looks are important, never denied that. My prowl tonight, had spotted so many attractive ladies that I would love to be involved with. Yet, thinking at my current accessible contacts, I don't seem to know many of. Which, statistically speaking, is impossible, given the circles I have access to. Is it because I'm always never satisfied, my fate is as so or I'm a loner by heart?

Well, as a comfort, as least my "daughter" is sleeping soundly by the laptop now. She's had a tough day, but I share go into that another day.

Good night Blog.



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