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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Concert Banned Due To Gay Artiste?...

Read about this article on Yahoo News, via Little Cart Noodles.

This excerpt is most provoking...

"Based on the duo's website and reports of their performances in the United States, it is assessed that their performance will promote a gay lifestyle which would be against the public interest," said the Media Authority of Singapore in a statement.

Let me try to figure out Media Authority of Singapore's kind intentions. They are saying that this particular concert, which originally aimed to raise funds for AIDS programme and increase awareness about HIV among gay people, will have an sole adverse effect in the other direction(promote gay activities)?

So, I am guessing that their logic will be in this order...

People will attend the concert, and be inspired to turn gay?
Those who turn gay, will have sex among themselves... against public interest?
Those who turn gay, will have sex among themselves... spreading HIV although the theme was about HIV-awareness?
And those who turned gay from this "inspiration" will not "marry" and thus not be able to contribute the population count?
If the population count does not improve to a comfortable level, more "foreign talent" have to be brought in to "supplement".

Hey, now that makes sense? But can we believe that anyone would conjure such crap of a reasoning(Except Tripleperiod)?

Why can't they just take the issue of this concert at its face value... an event to raise fund for AIDs awareness and to promote HIV awareness among people?

This baby-sitting is way overboard... based on this, it would be a matter of time before they start cramping down on all gays with a public voice...even gay bloggers?


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