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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Take on the Social Psychopaths...

I am a staunch believer of Sigmund Freud's law in social psychology(they call it Psycho-analysis, presumably used to analyse psychos), and I was intrigued from the moment that I received an introduction on his teachings, during my first psychology lessons. To summarize things, he believes that everything we do, is for a basic, primitive instinct, and that is to pro-create. Nowadays, we simply say,"Everything is for sex".

We are animals and it is without a doubt that Mother Nature decides which species would thrive and flourish. The math here is simple. When your population count goes to zero, you are extinct. The more positive your count is over numero cero(zero), the more successful your specie is doing. For us Humans to be reproduced in such huge quantities, there has to be a driving force. That... must be the strong drive to procreate. Which is why I strongly believe in Sigmund Freud.

According to MY application and interpretation of Freudian Laws, everything that we do is for the ultimate aim of procreation. First of all, to procreate, we must be able to attract the opposite sex. From then onwards, association is a no-brainer. As guys, we feel the need to make more money, more money equals more material comfort and thus (we feel) will attract the feminines. We behave in a civilised manner and make well-mannered gestures, to impress upon people that we are nice people and for them to like us more. We go to the gym and exchange physical torment for a more toned-body, so that we look and feel better, another notion that we feel, makes us more attractive. For ladies, the urge to shop and dress-up, is also due to an innate urge to beautify themselves for the lure factor. Its hard to think of anything that we do, which ultimately does not link to our desire, to appear more attractive.

As such, it is apalling how some people in our society perform acts, which I feel in no way makes them likable by anybody. Like Bubblemunche's old friend, LIT's client and the lao beng(old hoodlum) I encountered. Anyone with a cow sense can think and decipher whatever they are doing, puts them in a very ugly light, even themselves(if they are normal). But why do they do it? I doesn't go in sync with my Freudian application.

Fear not. This law isn't ousted as yet. I have a saving grace. The point that most of these people are what I termed social psychopaths. The term psychopath is widely misunderstood in our society, they are not all serial killers and savages with a need to slaughter and commit crimes. There are more psychopaths around than we know there are. They basically have a main trait, lack of emotions or ability to decipher right/wrong from feelings. Psychologists have actually done research on renowned psychopaths and have diagnosed it as a disease. Which means to say that when someone kills, the murderer may be spared the full wrath of the law if it is found that he is a psychopath. They are simply individuals, who do not possess emotions or reasoning ability to decipher right/wrong. I recall that this condition is genetic, not too sure about that though. To them, killing a cow is no different from killing a human. They feel no fear, no happiness and no depression. The even scarier part is that, the degree of psychopaths vary such that they integrate into our society. Our colleague who occassionally makes a force smile after your jokes, and who occassionally even ask you on how you are feeling... now, do not assume that he is not a psychopath, he just might be one albeit not to an extreme, such that he is still able to function undetected in society, mimicking social interactive gestures, until one day, his fuse blows.

Now occassionally, when you are so worked up after being offended and evil, raging thoughts of murdering that other party comes up to mind. Worry not for you are not a psychopath. You are normal. When psychopaths kill, they feel neither joy or anger.

Back to my talk on the social psychopaths, they are not serial killers or serial compulsive crime committers, they are just the average people in the streets with emotions so lacking that they behave more like pests. Complete lack of social graces and behaviours so devoid of considerations for other. Also their apparent lack of need to appear more likable by people. They are a pain in the arse. Like what I had commented in Bubblemunche's posting, if only I had the power to perform psychopath cleansing. Purify our society of this ungraceful genetic make-up. Do you often feel the same way? That certain un-desired beings in our society should just be made to "disappear" since they ruin our so beautiful and joyful world?

Frankly speaking, my mind is a blank now and thinking of it, I myself cannot quite figured out what I had typed. However as I had come so far, to erase everything would be such a waste. I think I will simply let this post publish and I'll check on it some other time when I can think better.


At 6:58 AM, Anonymous mrkiasu said...

Wah, i think you just spent the last one hour writing about human species.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Not so long lah. 45 minutes... =)

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Neko said...

I agree indeed that people who acted all nice to you and is your friend, can suddenly turn into a nasty shouting person demanding things from you. I was involved in such an incident and thus I can only shrug and say that he has too much frustrations and just need to let it off somewhere.


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