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Sunday, March 20, 2005

On LASIK. Last Part.

I have noticed that the traffic for this site has gone up a little bit lately since I blogged about my "gruesome" LASIK procedure which made LMD queasy. As one who suffer(ed) from myopia, I can understand the appeal of LASIK as it offers us an option to go without visual aid, the confidence of being able to engage in certain activities(such as sports) without the fear of physical contact getting too much into the way or even the possibility of eye infection through use of contact lenses.

I had been thinking about LASIK since I had heard about it as a kiddo but the time wasn't right. Was still in school and you know how scholarly nerds like me trash their eye sight by extensive mugging, porn, computing and gaming. I had always assumed "well, my sight is already damaged, what difference does a bit more does to me?" Well, that is stupid as it is possible for certain severe myopic cases to be infeasible for treatment, subjected to the person's in-born conditions(such as cornea thickness). Just like mine, in fact, if TTS had not brought in the INTRALASE technology approximately 8 months ago, I would not have been able to go for it. And I'm eternally grateful.

Regardless of whether you are put off from LASIK or spurred to go for it after reading about my case, I would like to nag at you, to really take care of your eye-sight. The things that we commonly do to neglect it, starring at the monitor screen for hours on end, reading under poor lighting conditions. These are things that we know, could damage our eye sight, and the consequences are very often not worth it. You should always have the discipline to turn away for a few minutes of computing if it was only leisure stuffs you were engaging and trying to create a better lighting condition for reading shouldn't be a huge task.

As someone who had anxiously tried to get his eye done, I would know a little but fair bit on this LASIK thingy. While I'm definitely not able to give you a professional review, I can probably help you with feedbacks on minor issues like operating fees and very basic queries with regard to this subject. Feel free to email moi if you need to seek any clarifications. I will try to help IF I can.


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