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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Case Study XI Closed...

Case study was invalid. The place was boring. She came late and I decided to leave early. 5 minutes contact time wasn't even enough to set up the battery, let alone run the electricity.

Anyway, something just hit on me this morning when I woke up. And it dawn on me how I had taken everything so lightly. Just two days ago, I was walking home and below my block, I saw three police cars parked by the side. I took notice and next, white ribbons surrounding one of the blocks. It was the same series of block that I lived in. Vaguely saw a few figures, presumably policemen. Something big must have happened.

I did not bother to stay around for more answers and went home to report on the situation. On that something big must have happened, maybe robbery, homicide or suicide, and for everyone to be careful. Yesterday, I found out that it was a suicide case. I shrugged.

Now that I think of it. Someone had taken her life less than 200 metres of me. What could be the reason that drove her to jump? How did she feel at that particular moment? To think that I even thought about buying 4D for this unfortunate event. Well, I think it will still buy something later on, after all, didn't people make it big from 4D during Huang Na's tragedy. Well, at least in this case, I do not know the demise's name nor face. Just a person. Just a person who died.

P.S. Do not try asking me for the number. I will not disclose. Mai hai lim peh dim chun!(Don't make my ship sink! in Hokkien)


At 6:34 AM, Blogger jettykey said...

This is so tragic. How did you know it's a female?

That's the thing I dread about high-rise buildings. However, I've heard of worst scenarios where the suicider fell on someone walking on the void deck!!! That would be very unlucky.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Look who we have here. Sista de Eddy Neo. Heh. Welcome welcome.
Well, neighbourhood gossips. I told my maid about it and she went to do her research. Another family friend auntie then fed her the information on the next day.


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