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Thursday, March 10, 2005

On Emigration... Stayer or Quiters?

I was adding my comments to the second part of this posting on Singapore Serf's site and I got so engrossed in it that it spilled into an essay by itself. And they really contain quite a lot of my "pent-up" thoughts, hence I decided to reproduce them here.

"When the going gets tough, Singaporeans want out." - ST

Thats human nature. I hope they realise that most foreign talents come in for easier going. They get expat pay packet, subconsciously regarded by locals as "higher" beings even though at work place, most talk the walk better than walking the walk.

Ops. Who are we to comment? Who owns the papers? *silence* brown from Today?... nay... he'll never betray the peasants.

On personal note with regard to emigration, Its my view that most people are so stuck here that they think Singapore is the best place to live in. But when you look at most of them, do they seem happy? I don't see much joy around.

Most are complaining everyday about work, gahmen policies. But wait, they have a HDB flat, they can afford a car. They think they are secured, safe and they think they are comfortable. So end of the day, they think Singapore is definitely the best place to live in.

I will not say if anywhere is the best place to live. Its simply just what kind of environment, would truly enable you to fully satisfy how you would want to live your life. Important thing is to find happiness. You only live ONCE, no replay.

Well, this is a stereotype of the typical Canadian family that works 5 days(no insane hours mind you). Friday night, bring family sking, Sunday back to host BBQ for fellow Church members. They're not obsessed about making lotsa money like what we Asians do. But from what I observed, I guess thats due to their tax system. A doctor earns after-tax around CAD$70k, a bus driver earns after-tax around AD$50k(estimation from natives' mouths), so you can see there is a reason why they do not have to worry about money as at the end of the day. The average wage can easily buy a house in suburb and a car. Here, wage earners struggle to pay off a HDB which they will "own" for a period of time and "own" a car which has a maximum road lifespan of 20 years. And I wonder! Wonder where does our sense of security comes from... They(Canadians)... from my point of observation are definitely happy.

Some may argue, they are ang moh, we are Asians, hence different priories in life. Now, who sets the priority for MY life? Does it take a friend to set my life priority for me? If you look at them as equals, and you feel that life is what you want, what is the harm in trying to make it happen for yourself. I have never heard of a regretful emigrant, simply because they know they made the decision themselves and hence contented enough to face whatever may come. So, I urge that, if you are already considering emigration, try to at least explore the options that you have for yourself. Ignore the "Stayer or quiter" notion. Its a political format of how we used to taunt fellow school boys when we were younger "Eh... bo chee(no guts) to stay here ar? Har?"

And by the way, our Knight of Pentacle, after knowing your TCP/IP voyeur activities. Next time, to initiate conversation, YOU...come to my site instead. :p


At 3:39 PM, Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

Oei.. Emigration only got one 'M' lah.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Eh. Pai seh, pai seh.

At 1:22 AM, Blogger jettykey said...

I enjoy the post. I can almost feel the angst in you.

Singaporeans may gripe and complain about life, work, but at the end of it all, they may really be okay about living thus the rest of their lives.

I think familiarity has alot to play with it. I think it's easier for young people to uproot and leave, than for a family with kids. Again, being kiasi as ever, they are afraid of changes, and afraid to make somewhere else their new home. (New job, new culture, new friends, new lifestyle, etc)

Racisim is another issue. Although in some countries, you don't see it openly displayed, it doesn't mean there isn't subtle discrimination going on. Afterall in Singapore, they get to discriminate against the minority.

Besides, Singapore tax is the lowest compared to other Western countries. Even though wages may be lower, but food is definitely cheaper. Yes, no doubt HDB is different from an apt elsewhere, it still allows them to live there for a long time. Also, you can pay HDB with your CPF, and not worry about mortages and loans. Cars? That's a different story. Well, may be easier to take public transport anyway.

I'm not arguing for Stayers or Quiters. I'm probably not a good one to comment. Afterall, I had abandoned motherland myself! But I feel my heart is always there :) (So, I don't call myself a quiter.)

At 6:42 AM, Anonymous mrkiasu said...

i visit singapore once or twice a year, but whenever i look at the Singaporean, all of them seems to be not happy at all leh.

Look as if there is alot of thing troubling them, and like they are facing many difficulties in their life. Just my opinion la.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Trevor said...

Hey buddy, you should have a trackback system.. it'll be so convenient! Anyways your comments here inspired my entry about the "Stayer or Quitter" notion.

Here's an exerpt:
"..perspective of Canada though I believe that the many drinking sessions we had after classes may have led him to see Canada through rose-colored glasses..

.."Stayer" or "Quitter" notion comes from those who have not seen the world and are content with making it so black and white.."

My entry about the "Stayer" or "Quitter" notion here.


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