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Friday, March 04, 2005

Socialogy Dissection Case Study XI

Just had an interesting conversation with a friend.

Me ,"Watcha doing tonight?"

She,"Might be going to xxx xxxxxx."

"A lot of people talking about it. it any gd? expensive?"

"Nevr been there"

"Then y the thot? who u gona go wif?"

"Huh? R u interogating me?" *

"Ha. Yes, its fun. The interrogation. Looking for a drink. Maybe I call u if i do go down."

"Beta. I may change my mind." *

"Roger dat and out."
Now, according to my psychological case study XI. This lady falls under the S&M category. The kind who enjoys pain. However, she is a hybrid in the sense that she also the kind who enjoys a loyal, intense love affair. In other word, she is more "normal" as she can enjoy intense pleasure otherwise than only intense pain.

She likes extreme. When you are ignoring her, she wants attention. When you take initiative, she plays hard-to-fug. As such, romance with her is always such a challenging brain-game. In a way, very similar to my current state. I have an attitude of romance that originally belongs to a chameleon. I like to share that I'm very turned-on by her statements marked with asterisks at the end.

Tonight happens to be the night when I wanna take on this challenge. I'm going to go all out and yet stay totally nonchalent. Taking the whole affair very lightly. In the process, record the effects that will follow.

I am such a sick psycho.

Your Mad "Psy'path" Psychologist

"The orgasm explodes in your brains, not your puny privates".


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