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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Club With My Heart...

The club at Esplanade called DXO. Anyone knows what it means? If no one does, then I assume it stands for "Durian XO". Sounds appropriate, don't you think? Its in Esplanade, which happens to be our "Durian" and XO happens to be a grade for the fruit. So instead of saying, XOD(XO Durian), like how we locals normally say it, they call it DXO, like how the ang moh calls it. Surname(aka last name) behind. Sound more high class that way hor?

Went to birthday party at DXO last night, which theoretically speaking, I crashed for the very reason that, all I consumed within, were free drinks on the host. Now that I realise it, I'm feeling damn pai sei(kinda means embarressed). Should have bought the birthday gal another Flaming Lamborghini at least. But if it makes me feel better, erm, she was lying on the couch, frontal down when I was leaving. So I guess, it makes no sense to buy her another one even if I wanted to. Heh heh heh...

There was a guest DJ from Oxford who was spinning Drum'n'Bass, and it was raunchy good. Crowd was starting to form just before I left after midnight. Overall, not a very packed arena but I actually like it that way. People there grooving, were there for the music, not just to pose. And we were mobbed. 3 girls in white & red outfits came blazing onto the dance floor. One of them, a tall chick wearing a lowly-slung from shoulder, mid-riff baring tee, I like!!! *Drool* They were distributing some sticker wrist-bands with their URL on it.

*Gal reaches out wrist-band to me*

"Whats that?" (I thought she was selling the wrist-band for charity)

"To show that you have GREAT TASTE!!"

(Yah! I have GREAT TASTE in music leh!)

I'm a very easily flattered person, that statement shot up to my head faster than a Belvedere tequila shot and I was still in a daze when she secured the wrist-band on me. It could have been a S&M handcuff round my wrist and I might not even have resisted.

Here's their site. They are cool. Red Mob. Think its a campaign organised by Singtel to show that they are a wholly cool organisation, or they might just be sponsored by Singtel. Former more likely. Nevertheless, the chicks, yeah, they're cool...and Hawt too!

Adjourned to Phuture and Zouk for another lesson in a "Not Recommended" clubbing practise. Its like drinking red wine. You move on to deeper favours just so you can appreciate every single one of them in order, likewise for a night..the tempo should get faster, not slower. Progressive House, Progressive House... Have you ever heard of Degressive House? No right? Like say... R'n'B, Break beats, some Progressive House and Drum'n' Bass. I know people don't eat it this way, but just as an EXAMPLE! After tasting Drum'n'Bass at DXO for round 1, the rest of the night left me with a lingering yearn for the D'n'B @ DXO. Kinda dampens the Zouk experience slightly.

N'mind. You3 Gen1(direct translation meaning, have root, go figure), our Pharoah of MOS(Ministry of Sound) @ Clarke Quay, who has re-discovered Tripleperiod, has promised us a solid table, at a prestigious location for its hard launch on the 16th December.

In case you forget further details about our discussion. This is what I put forth. One table, perenially "Reserved" for YouGen's friends. So next time, at the door, your brothers just need to say "YouGen's table", and they can skip all queue, bomb da bar and slaughter chicks in da house. How sei(stylo milo) would that be? In return, erm, you will get our presense in the club. I'm not sure how much that helps though.

Anyway, last night, I witnessed an embrace. 10 seconds. An embrace without words, the heart speaks. An embrace, celebrating whatever romance there had been, a journey worthy of remembrance. It said "Thank you for having walked with me, hand-in-hand." It makes the relationship "last" forever.

Is that how relationships should end? Why should most break-ups end up in scars and lingering effects that carries over to the parties' next relationship, like a nuclear fissure reaction? Thats not right!

People, we should all learn the right way to love. Tripleperiod, henceforth known as, The Period, will teach you, as he clubs with his heart...


At 4:48 PM, Blogger the lil bugger said...

Is it just me, or does this blog have the same title as yours?

At 11:12 AM, Blogger gracey said...

diff ppl end r/s hurt = no love...

heard u got into an accident, hope u r alright

At 10:31 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

bugger: I only have 3 periods in my titles, that blog..has more periods than me lor.

gracey: I can't argue with the no hurt=no love part.

Thanks for the concern. I'm traumatised by it. Physically, in one piece, as can be seen on Saturday. Going to seek insurance claim for "fright" though. =/

At 9:11 AM, Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

When I saw DXO, I immediately thought "Digital Crystal Oscillator".

What next? A club called "Short Circuit"? :)

At 10:14 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Knight: You geek! =p


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