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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blurry Vision, Blurry Thoughts...

Initially, I thought it was the quality of the movie, Aeon Flux, that started the eye irritations on Saturday noon. Dismissed it as something that would go away in an hour or two, but no. Pus was secreted, plaguing me with random, cloudy visions for the rest of the night while I was chilling out at the-next-place-to-be-seen-in-town, Balcony. The condition got worse over the night and I was forced to cut my night short.

Went to the Doctor on Sunday morning and he was quick in bestowing me with 2 days of MC. 2 days? "Sunday and Monday",so I thought. While scribbling on the MC, I noted that he wrote "5 x 6", which I did not comprehend. So I probed,"5x6, what does that mean?"

"Oh... MC. You are not suppose to be in contact with your colleagues, or you will hear no end of it."

My blurry vision got the better of me and I let it rest although I do not see how his answer and my question would concur with each other. In my mind, I had self-conjured definitions like "5 or 6 days...12 hours each day?" Now, I seriously have doubts on the functionality of the algorithm coding that dictates my train of thought.

I was on MC on Monday. Today, I went to work, still with very sore eyes. Hiding behind my shade, I drew tons of attention. Little surprise when everyone would quip about it and one smart colleague remarked...

"CANNOT BE!! 2 days MC! Cannot be inclusive of Sunday! Must be yesterday and today."

All of a sudden, ABRA-CA-DA-BRA!!!! That made perfect sense to me.

I stumbled to Human Resource, requesting to see my MC and in the full glory of my Doc's handwriting were the numeros...

"5 x 6 /12"

Meaning.... 5 and 6 of December. There wasn't even a need to indicate the year 2005.

That was so DUHH!! For F***-sake, what was I thinking?

Damn, need. to. wake. up.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger justme said...

hey, hope you've recover from your sore eyes by now? I kena sore eye too...went to see the doc today...he gave me a whopping 4 days MC! He wants me to stay away from office...lest i spread to others somehow...lolz....

Take care!

At 10:20 AM, Blogger sassyjan said...

take care dude!!!

At 9:55 PM, Blogger palahniuk said...

can always go back to e doc n get more mc, since yr eyes still sore..?


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