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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Past Few Days in KL...

"Be off to KL tonight. back on Fri, 8pm. Don't miss me too much." has generated the following responses from friends.

"Won't. Must wear. Go Jalan Sultan Ismail."

"Sheesh.. have fun! If you can't be good, be careful"

Their "worries" were pretty unfound. The past few days has been an intensive schedule of presentations and constant struggle to keep lids apart. The only time there was any "happening" was when we were told by our local counterparts to, at least check out the Health Spa on the 3rd floor of our hotel. On a full stomach and not prepared to surrender to our beds, we dropped by.

What my colleagues had said, is true. Scantily-dressed ladies walking around. This was no massage joint, its a f*** shop. I knew that we were going to have a tough time trying to be good. But then again, there was another interesting recommendation by another colleague, which was the Facial treatment at 60 ringgit. Yeah, Its always good to be careful. At least now, I know what most of us guys are now missing out on. Not so much for the vanity factor, but it was really quite shiok.

Another highlight of the trip was the realisation that I can actually binge if I want to. Buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, seafood dinners, the uncountable tea breaks and room service club sandwiches, there was not much stopping me on the round table. I think thats easily 3x what I consume on an average day.

It also dawned on me that I tend to consume more food each time I'm overseas. Could it be my primitive survival instincts? Since prehistoric times, our ancestors were probably nomads, moving from place to place and each time you end up in a foreign environment, your mind just instigates you to chew on anything that is edible, because you do not know/expect when your next meal will be or looks like.

Yeah, I think that should be the case. The extra laden of 2kg round my waist must be the calling of my ancestry.


At 11:38 PM, Blogger violet gem said...

better start working out now to lose those extra kilos!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Yes. And I always thought I had it good. *sign*


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