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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Road Leading To Hell...

Since young, the saying "马路如虎口"(The roads are akin to the tiger's jaws) has been ingrinded onto me. The result is an extremely careful pedestrian. I look both ways before I cross the road. I never take a green light for granted and I always make sure the car slows down before I stick one foot forward. And if I recall, people around me demostrated similar level of caution when crossing.

Ever since I have been driving regularly, I have noticed that there are lots of people on the roads, waiting to throw their lifes away. Especially the youngsters. Just the day before, in one freaking single day, I encountered 3 incidents whereby they tried to shove their life into my hands.

Case 1, 2 boys walking along the middle of the road, back facing traffic and did not bother to turn around to check for vehicles at all(the traffic wasn't dead then).

Case 2, 4 bicycle riders crossing on their Red while I was supposed to be clear for turning. I, the rider on the Green actually has to stop, while they giggled and continue to ride SLOWLY.

Case 3, 1 boy crossing the road SLOWLY at the middle of an intersection when cars from 3 directions(me turning left, car going straight and car u-turning) all "stunned", and waited for him.

Is it the sheer arrogance of the younger generation that makes them feel that everything around owes them a living? Were they not taught about road etiquettes? Or are those monkeys just fucking stupid?

I remember one case last year where an expat jay-walked while jogging on a rainy day, he was fatally injured by an on-coming vehicle. While common senses and some light knowledge of traffic rules tell us that he threw his life away, the lady driver was ruled by court to award compensation(a few million if I recalled) to the deseased's family(presumably by law of Torts) for the loss of sole bread-winner. Shouldn't the man(sole bread-winner) himself be responsible for his own family when he chose to jay-walk. CB. Not the Green man or Red man that matters, but the White man.

To those who want to die, please commit suicide on your own accord. Quite inconsiderate to just barge out onto the road and 连累(drag down) unlucky drivers.


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