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Friday, February 03, 2006


Its so easy to get pissed over people's behaviour, behaviours which you yourself refrain from and yet there are people out there who think they run the world, people who commit those exact things to provoke.

I believe in civilisation. I believe in giving in sometimes to avoid direct confrontation because I know its important for at least one party to be thinking when the other party is not.

But, I am the one person you don't like to see when I really lose my temper. Those who have survived it will soon be acknowledged as my best friends while some I never ever hear of again. Yet, I know, I haven't blew my peak as yet. The scene that run through my mind and the things I'm tempted to perform in anger, are some of the stuffs I see in my darkest nightmare.

One very bad thing about me is that I may not voice out my displeasure immediately and I tend to let it build up.

In times of acute agitations, I would excuse myself. Get to a quiet corner for 5 minutes.


Its another day back on the "right" side.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger emiryo said...

Not healthy lah, you let it build up, ppl might think that you're ok with it. So they'll continue to do it to you.

Then when you can't take it any longer, you suddenly blow... to you that's the last straw but others might feels that you're just petty.

The 5sec timeout is good coz you might says really hurtful things in anger.

But unless you can forgive and FORGET, after you cool down you should tell them off in a rational or joking but firm manner.

It's only fair to let 'em know.


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