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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Drink Frustration

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, which concoction is the most vile of them all?"


Years of drinking, I have finally found the ONE in Frustration. Graveyard tastes like chocolate when compared to this true-blue poison. At first slip, it tastes like the Long Island Tea without the coke. And at first slip, it already induces your urge to puke irregardless of how drunk you previously are. Not sure if its standard mix at other bars. But it can definitely be found at Newsroom Bar.

And finally, I can be a good boy for the night with all the EPL, SLL, ISA and Bundesliga matches keeping me occupied. Been cash-strapped recently, I'm determined to get something out of the bookmakers(aka bookie) tonight.

Looking at the lineups, I strongly believe that Newcastle will definitely win Bolton. Bolton has been winning handicapps like nobody's business for last 7 matches, while I believe its time Newcastle buck up with a streak of 2 or 3 wins at least. Unfortunately, this is tomorrows business.

For tonight, I'm in a fix. Should I risk my dough on the shoulders of Man U playing an erratic Portsmouth, which is not a definite walkover, giving one and a half ball in the process? Or should I back my favourite Saints at home, and receiving only one ball advantage, against the almighty Gunners? Spurs look good in form lately, but from many of my long suffering Spur-supporting friends' experiences, they have a tradition for disappointing and causing heat-breaks. Will they be back to deliver for one last time against Fulham? Uncertain.

Aston Villa, being a good home team, looks pretty good against Everton. But I'm worried that Everton will defy gravity and continue their grip on the 4th place in EPL. Hmmm.... home or away?

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