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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Sadomasochist of Romance Exposed...

After reading about Bubblemunche's Series of unfortunate events while he was trying to catch Closer at a downtown cinema, I decided to give it a go myself albeit without the coke and the vacuum flask. Thank you Bubblemunche for the warning.

Initially, I thought it would simply be a flirty movie with all the pick-ups and sexual tension between the casts. I am not wrong yet not entirely correct. After thinking about it, I feel that the movie speaks more than just infidelity.
Jude Law(Dan) and Julia Robert(Anna)s' characters captivated me most. The deepest impression that I have with regard to the 2 characters are as follow:

On Dan - While he was trying to split up with Alice(Natalie Portman...I almost typed Portsmouth), he sorta said when prompted,"I love her(Anna) more....because she doesn't need me."

On Anna - After Anna returned to Larry, Dan confronted Larry to ask for Anna and Larry put forth the reason for why Anna would not return,"She is a depressant and depressants do not want to be happy. They cannot stand living out there in the normal world and be happy."

Dan is the kind of person who only wants love, passionate love, but without any reliance on the relationship. He strucked me as the kind of guy who would probably suffer from commitment phobia. He wants to conquer in romance as can be seen from the way he gets more fascinated by Anna upon rejections.

Anna is even more interesting to me, she loves pain. Featuring the dark side of a relationship. I felt that the reason why she wanted to leave Larry because of her affair with Dan, was simply because it was all so wrong. Larry was treating her well and she knew that she would be loved if she stayed by him. But she simply wanted to experience the "pain of betrayal" by leaving him. I felt that she fed on the pain in Larry and herself, making herself feel "better". However, after leaving Larry for Dan, she realises that she CAN be happy with Dan and thus return to Larry, thus depriving herself of happiness in romance and end up "feeding" off her boring relationship with Larry(which actually makes her not happier).

Dan's "Don Juan plus commitment phobia" is pretty commonly seen in the modern playboys running for the "passion only" relationships. So is Anna. So many times, we hear of ladies who like bastards. No matter how nice a guy treats her, it would never work, for such "depressants" can only feel when in pain. They thrive on self-pity. They want to be pictured as the suffering objects. More than wanting people to sympathize them, they want to feel sympathy for themselves. After all, darker emotions(eg. anger, sadness) tend to be more intensed than brighter ones(eg. satisfaction, happy), this is the best way for them to "feel". Each time they reject a nice guy, they will "feed" on the pain of the guy who simply cannot get the reason, as to why the girl chooses the bastard over them. These ladies are without a doubt, the leading actress, in this soap opera running in their mind.

For people who are in love with this kinda person, forget about trying to understand them(in your frequency). You will spend a lifetime trying. Read my previous paragraph and take it as the bible, accept it. Give up on them and go on to live your life with someone else who knows how to be happy(in your frequeny). Turn your back on those "sado"s, do not worry about them for they are "happy" in their own rights.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about serial cheaters? how do you interpret their behaviour then?

but i agree with your analysis.. some people don't know how to handle happiness, they'd be overwhelmed and thus prefer perpetual depression. It's the only thing they can relate to.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Serial cheaters of which sort? Money or lurve?
Do not know much about serial cheaters though. If they keep using the same tricks over and over again, they are probably cheap-mucks who either want to keep on reaping the benefits or people with damn low self-esteem who need the "feel good" whenever they "outsmart" people.
But for serial cheaters who have varying tricks, I suspect it might be more for the satisfaction of gaining an edge over the another person's intellect. In any case, I do not think that they are very emotionally-secure or comfortable with themselves. They just need the ego booast.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger A.Ball.of.Yarn said...

I like this post. I must admit I didn't think of Anna in the way you did, or too much that way, when I watched Closer.


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