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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Prelude To BKK Trip...

While I had resolved not to blog during my overseas trip, I couldn't resist putting my intel & fingers to some work-out while i'm on the plane. Besides,I figured out that,since I will not upload this onto the server until I'm back in Singapore,technically speaking, I'm not blogging.

Nothing could have happened yethappening as i'm not at the rendevous point yet. But there was this interesting sighting of a Hong Kong celebrity by a comrade who was at the check-in point at the same time. That guy is none other than Louis Khoo Tian Le *Ladies scream* Apparently,he is on his way home and was spotted with lotsa Pandan Cakes.Either Pandan Cakes are not found in HK or those that he bought, must be very tasty.

Also,while waiting to board the plane,we had the opportunity to meet up with the previously mentioned comrade,who was with 3 other guys. Since I had 3 guys with me too,it was a scene of 2 parties of 4 meeting up.

Naturally,the scene of 8 men standing up and giving introductions among themselves was a pretty loud one. Amidst the event,I noticed a few glares at us and I realized how we had looked. They probably think that this is a pre-planned Sammyboy outing. 8 men shaking hands and exchanging names at the transit zone. A defence attorney couldn't save us. Anyway,we felt the silent accusations and disperse soon after.

A mixed crowd in front of us also proceed to vacant their seats. We were not sure what drove them off. But I have short-listed 3 potential factors:

1) Our loud,annoying exchange of banters.
2) Our "Sammyboy" chiong-ster attributes.
3) Hearing of our buddy,who was caught with a SAF-issued jack knife and a roll of nylon strings in his bag at the last security check point. We had no idea on whether he was driven by terrorist-styled violence or just S&M. We can forgive the crowd for thinking the worst.

Talking about the last guy.In his defence, he claimed that the bag was simply grabbed from the store and he had no idea whose knife it was. Being the only son in his family, and hence only one to serve NS, we found his excuse extremely pathetic and highly-insulting to our intellect.

Nuff' blogged.


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous LiNdA said...

LOUIS KHOO!!! how lucky can you get ok! *drools* he is just so hot and handsome can. *million envy*

At 8:15 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Hehe. You can start getting closer to him by learning how to bake Pandan cakes. He sure seems to like it VERY MUCH and I'm sure he wouldn't hate any lady who can bake one.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger jettykey said...

I like Louis Koo! Any pictures of him? I'm drooling already.

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous LiNdA said...

wouldn't hate? not enough... hmmm, you observed anything that can make him immediately LOVE anot? :)

At 12:26 AM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

anna: unfortunately... none from my private collections... you can google though. Sure can find. Hehe.

linda: I know he would at least love his assistant for carrying the Pandan cakes with him...


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