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Monday, April 18, 2005

Ways To Get The Dough...

1) Marry Rich
There is no easier formula than to get rich by finding an already-wealthy sponse. I remember hearing from a friend,"If your dad's not rich, its not your fault but if your spouse's dad isn't rich, it certainly is."
Prequisite: Rich target

2) Start a company, get in suckersVenture Capitalist, Go IPO and Sell-Out
By statistics, it has been said that only 3 out of 10 business ventures fail. Out of these 30 percent chance of succeeding, what are the chances of you succeeding wildly and profitably enough for the Million-Dollar Buck Chase?

3) Multi-Level Marketing
Maybe the Big Time has come and gone but nowadays, I no longer hear of people striking their fortune through this extremist Capitalist scheme. Much as easy as they claim it is, we suspect things aien't as glossy as they seem. A lot of exfriends and acquantances have tried to sell me their MLM Get-Rich Schemes. Last time I checked, none of them are dabbling in it anymore and most of them were even quite pai sei(ashamed) to meet me subsequently. So how feasible can that be?

4) Quick-sell out on E-bay
Trading on Ebay has been one of the greatest thing to come out on the cyberspace in recent years. Last time I saw, some lady has offered to changed her name to GoldenPalace for a lucrative USD 15,000. One of an unborn Triplets sold out his/her name for USD 12,000. C'mon, its not like you are selling your name, you are simply paid to change it for a more swanky one.
Here, I have one brillant suggestion. How about offering your entire body up as an advertising board? Like say, a permanent tatoo advertisement on the rear of your torso. Given the pain and commitment of this deal, you can easily ask for USD 150,000. Thats almost a quarter-of-a-million in Sing $. More adventurous ones can offer more secluded parts(say breast) and expect even better pay-out.

5) Gambling
There are tonnes of people throwing their money in Super High-Risk bets, but not for unknown reasons. Certain bets require small investments(although in bulk, they can be quite a sum), but these are pretty much affordable to them. All they ask for, is that Lady Luck smiles on them for that one instance and thats all they need to hit home run. On established bookmakers like Ladbrokes, you can put in any amount of wager(even 50 cents) and try to predict the scorelines in a single bet slip, you choose the Sports and games. Generally, a 2 bucks wage on 7 scoreline predictions in soccer matches, can yield you more than a Million bucks. Sounds good, sound easy. Boxing Joe hasn't manage to do it until now, so what makes you think you can? *SMURK* Nevertheless, it doesn't seem much harm in throwing a 2 bucks wager in these Combos. Somemore the odds of winning seems much better than Toto, I haven't had time to work on the numerical probability though.

I'm stuck. Only 5 ways to show for my effort so far. Its little wonder that I'm nowhere near my goal. Anyone to offer me some assistance?


At 4:04 PM, Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

6) The Slow Way
a) Live a simple life.
b) Spend less money then you earn.
c) Invest the difference at a rate higher than inflation.
d) Repeat for a few decades or more.

But then the question becomes what you intend to do with with the pile of dough that you will eventually amass?

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Guojun said...

Rob a bank.

At 2:56 AM, Blogger jettykey said...

I'm all for knight of pentacles' method!

I may attempt #2 - start a company...etc.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Knight: That is an good way to live out, but would be even better if you already have a million bucks in the bank. Hehe..

Regarding the usage of the dough, I am not a very greedy person. All I ask for in life is basically a very nice house, a very nice car and a very lovey-dovey family. Damn, that sounds like almost everything, isn't it?

Guojun: Rob is easy, spending is difficult. Must launder the money u noe?

anna: Must feed me with any of your business ideas...


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