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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Food For The Soul...

I believe that music is food for the soul and that a wide preference of genre is always a healthy diet. At any one point though, there will always be 1 or 2 most preferred genre. I call it craving.

Been very much into Drum n' Bass, Trance and Chill. The feel, emotions when you let the music dictate your flow and blank out your thoughts, worries. No words, thats cool. I have always been one to be frugal on words.

Courtesy of Spinnee, I have managed to uncover a gem in and Chris Huelsbeck is good. is like an Oasis in the middle of Cyberspace. Free! Free food for the Soul!

Also from, the description for Trance,

Trance combines repetitive yet evolving melodies, multiple layers and threads, quantised patterns, and smooth/sweeping pads together to produce music that depends strongly on composition to keep everything clear and not mindlessly repetitive. Drums and percussion may be present in 4-on-the-floor style but are not given the same importance that they receive in genres such as breakbeat or drum’n’bass - if anything, they may lurk in the background or be brought in and out of the mix as the track demands. As the name suggests, trance aims for being hypnotic and trance-inducing - a way of using music to achieve an altered state of consciousness and, as such, shares musical roots with religious and spiritual music across the ages.

Is this how Nirvana feels like? Would I be floating around amidst the horizons of neverending sunsets, feeding on Ambient Trance? At the rate I'm going to Zouk, my Church @ Jiak Kim St., every weekend, it is truly becoming of a religion to me.

The sky is grey, the house is dark and cozy. Parents are lounging around in the living room(meaning they are not nagging). I'm in my deep abyss, accompanied by my Salt Crystal Lamp and Lava Lamp, "Sunday Brunch Buffet" has never been sweeter.


CHRIS HUELSBECK - Timeless Passion
B0UNC3 - Paradise on E
DONUTIX - The Second Sun (Part 1)


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