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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Toy Soldiers...

"Step by step
Heart to heart
Left right left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers"
~ Martika, Toy Soldiers

Life's a routine for most of us. I figured out why the hottest past-time in Singapore is movie-catching. Because within the 2 hours of screen time, you'll experience more adrenaline rush in that adventure, than whatever you'll probably going to get in the rest of your entire mundane life.

Out on a typical shopping trip, would you risk veering off-course while trying to tail a terrorist plotting a bomb blast, never to return home for the next month or so?(I'll just tip the police) Or would you venture back to the haunted house by yourself, in search of your best friend who had mysteriously disappeared there?(Again, I'll probably just leave it to the police)

I realise we are only looking for an escape, even if you are fully aware that its a temporary relieve. Perhaps, this relieve will contain your bored instincts for the next one week before you require another fix.

We change jobs, pick up new hobbies, change love interests, migrate to a foreign land. It'll still come back to square one, just a different routine. We still need to feed ourselves, pay our bills and commitment to family. Would we be happier being roaming, barbaric mercenaries?

Corporate civilisation's a by-product that we, the virus, are bringing to Earth to drain Mother Gael of her energy. Better economy, human growth, more energy requirement, more energy tapping.... until one day, we exhaust Mother Gael.

We are just marching on, like toy soldiers.


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