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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dan Brown's Linearity...

In trying to turn over a new leaf from my hedonistic days of pleasure, I have, in this case, tried to do so by turning pages. I have made the bookstore a primary stop in the lack of concrete plans.

I know I'm damn slow. I have only consumed Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" within the last 2 months, when almost every self-respecting novel-geeks had done so eons ago and even the movie is about to be released. I had no doubt that it was going to be quite a read and am not disappointed. Personally, I find the plot pretty linear, none of the twists really shocked me, but you just have to keep on engulfing the pages to find out how exactly the twist will turn out to be. Its fiction, but references to historical facts and real artefacts, made me wish it wasn't. After all, it is pretty much in line with what I really feel about religion.

I believe that religion is man-made. I believe there is a God. Religion is simply Man's belief on how he can reach out to his God, the only being who holds the eternally elusive answer to Man's question on life. Life, the very cause of his creation. And due to this, like Robert Langdon in the story, I am unable to bring myself to commit to particular religion. Our longing for the actual spiritual truth prevents us from adhering to a set of rules when we spot a shade underneath the sun.

On recommendation of Shanghai Baby, I have also consumed "Angels and Demons". Its also entertaining, although I have slight doubts with regard to Dan Brown's creativity when I notice the uncanny similarity in the outline of both works.


1) Both plots are triggered by death of a "Grandmaster" at the very start of the story.
2) The lead will be bestowed a beautiful lady companion, who will be the daughter/granddaughter of the "Grandmaster" who just died, and he will be partially obstructed by a well-meaning "Military Man of Power". He will be assisted by a seemingly good-natured "Ally", who eventually turns out to be the "Evil Mastermind". His main nemesis is an ancient "Secret Society" with great connections and influences. "Evil Mastermind" will manipulate a "Pawn" in mould of the politically-incorrect stereotype of villians/outcast(in the form of an Albino and a Arab Black here). The "Pawn" will eventually die a tragic death.
3) Robert Langdon's charm is irresistable and he gets the gal at the end of the story.

I felt like I had read the same story twice over, although the elements differ. Nevertheless, was a worthy read.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger c said...

erm actually I have both (limited illustrated versions) of the books. Both costed me close to 70 bucks but every cent spent is well worth it!


At 9:27 PM, Blogger gracey said...

so going to conqueor another dan brown's book any time soon?

at least u have improvements..u took a mth to finish angels and demons whereby u took 2 mths to finish da vinci code..

At 7:21 PM, Blogger airhole said...

i am confused... worthy read, but its like u read the same story twice..

*scratches head*

At 10:21 PM, Blogger linda said...

wa, so studious. i prefer to snuggle up to a romance novel anytime.

anyways, its amazes me to find someone whom define religion almost the same way as myself. i too find that there is god. we will get there somehow one day. whereas religion is something someone turns to to fill up a hollow in the mental being. ai ya, difficult to express my thoughts. i'm nv too great with words. haa...

At 4:28 PM, Blogger adinahaes said...

xin nian kuai le!

P.S Dan Brown's writing is extremely limited in range and scope. Two of his books is all you really need to have read. Try something else next *grin* I'd recommend Possession by A.S byatt. Big fat giant of a book but seriously well written.Or The Secret History by Donna Tartt. =)

Try them and have a great lunar new year!

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Sparky said...

Well its a fact actually. Dan Brown wrote 2 other books, both of which the plots were extremely similar (Digital Fortress and I can't recall the other one). Da Vinci Code probably garnered the most interest due to its more 'controversial' topic. =)


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