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Monday, April 10, 2006

You betrayed, I fuck...

This is again, one of those subjects which I had always want to post, but refrained from, because I'm afraid some people may get the wrong idea as to who I am referring to.

There are some codes of conduct that you do not do. First of all, if you fall out with a brother over a girl. Its forgivable. Some things are just hard to control, and feelings can't be controlled. But as long as competition is fair, with no back-stabbing, I think there should be no lamenting.

What I find unforgivable is, if you, in the process of trying to win a girl, not only do you try to back-stab your love rival, but at the same time, in attempting to do so, have to get a knife into other innocent parties, that shows a complete non-existent of loyalty. Do I want to be associated with you ever? I doubt it.

People like them can pretend it never happened. Well, the thing is. Not only do they know it happened, everyone else do.


There is this one group of people, whom I dislike and who suddenly came to mind. And I suddenly realise why they are ONE group. Birds of a feather, do flock together. Really, dignified beings should not be sticking around and I wonder why some decent faces among them do.

What do I want to achieve from this posting? Don't know. Do I want people who even know me to take it seriously and guess whether I'm talking about them? Or would I want them to take it lightly, and be less sketical as to whom I'll be referring to?

Maybe, at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter at all. Who am I to judge people anyway? Will I betray people? Acquaintances, maybe. My bitches, unlikely. But one thing is for sure, I do not betray brothers just so that I can get some cheap shots from behind.

You can call me by my name. But next time, please, don't call me "brother". I'll fuck you, understand?


At 11:19 AM, Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

well said. :)


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