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Saturday, August 05, 2006

In The Near Future...

Its irking when you realise that while life does deal you a complete deck of 52 cards, they all seem to arrive at the wrong times.

A year ago, I was expecting the full commitment of a relationship when the girl I was dating bailed out on me. A year later, I straightened my thoughts and wanted a leisure pace of fun without any obligation and I get "emotionally blackmailed" to take on a baggage.

A showdown of "Do you see anything coming up in the near future?", "I have no lack of suiters ya noe?" was a big turn-off for me. Maybe I do not like her enough to give it all. Maybe I seriously do not like been taken hostage. I can only say "No". And being the very nice, hpocritical guy that I am, I had to throw in the traditional follow-up of "Its not you. I'm still recovering from a previous relationship.", that lame crap.

Anyway, its bye to free sex and it really looks like I gonna have to be touching myself in the near future.


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