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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Encounter With Weirdo at HK Airport...

Today, I met up with Ling for lunch. Ling just came back from Hong Kong over the weekend for shopping and fun. Thank God for the budget airlines. Anyway she gave me an account of this weirdo which they bump into, on the way home. So interesting that I have to blog about it...

Apparently, Ling and gang missed the return flight as they woke up late. They had no choice, but to source and buy tickets for single-trip home. Finally, they bought tickets online which is cheaper than those sold off the counter. After they bought the tickets, they found this other guy(he claimed to be Singaporean) who also missed the flight. This guy was funny for he was dressed in jogging attire after having participated in the "Standard Charter Bank Run". We do not know how long is the run but we speculated that he missed the flight because he ran too slow. Hehe.

Anyway, Ling then offered him advice(cheaper tickets online) and he replied very rudely,"SO WHAT U WANT ME TO DO?". The gang was apalled by his rude reply(presumably due to low EQ on the guy's part and said "We tell you this to help you. Buying ticket online would be much cheaper as compared to over the counter." Anyway, they reported that this guy's behaviour was very rude and annoying and as such, they decided not to go "all out" to help him.

The guy then stunned and said ,"I do not have a credit card."

The gang,"Debit card would do too."

Weirdo,"I also do not have a debit card."

The gang,"Ok, we pay for you using our card, but you pay us in cash first."

Weirdo,"I only have HK $50 with me."

The gang,"Who did you come to Hong Kong with? You joined the Standard Charter Run right?"

Weirdo,"Alone, I joined the SC Run alone."

WTF?! This idiot was not sent by his company. He came to Hong Kong alone, participated in the run and did not make any contingency plans. No card, no cash. They felt that if his low EQ did not make him a classic, his low IQ definitely did it.

The gang,"Ok, how about if you contact your family members in Singapore. They can transfer the money to our account and we help you."

Weirdo,"No use, my family members cannot help me."

Gang,"Don't you have any friends? In Hong Kong?"

Weirdo,"Yes, I have."

Gang,"Then call him to bring money over."

Weirdo,"My handphone battery is flat"

WAH.... LOSER!!!

Finally, the gang lent him a handphone but the weirdo called using his own SIM card(at least he had AUTO-ROAMING services). Subsequently, he contacted his HK friend who proceed to bring money down to the airport. At this stage, Gang left for lunch and they over-heard him saying "Should have brought my bread."

The poor soul end up not having lunch. After Weirdo's friend arrived, Weirdo's friend then bought MacDonalds for lunch, alone. His friend, knowing that the Weirdo was cashless, did not even bother to buy lunch for him. Another screw-up with equally low EQ.

Bird of a feather...fug...sorry...flock together.


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